History of the Word of Wisdom, Dec 14, 1845. Sunday.

-- Dec 14, 1845. Sunday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...Soon after 11 o clock those who were present were ordered by the president to clothe themselves, which being done and seated at 20 minutes after 11 o clock, sang, "Adam Ondi Ahman" &c. After which we bowed before the Lord and President Young offered up prayers. We next sang "Glorious things of thee are spoken" &c. When bread and wine having been provided by Bishop N. K. Whitney Elders Isaac Morley and Charles C. Rich were called upon to administer the sacrament. They broke the bread which was then blessed by Isaac Morley and passed round by Charles C. Rich, who also blessed the wine and passed it round likewise.... (1)

-- Dec 21, 1845. Sunday.
[William Clayton Journal] According to appointment on Sunday last, a meeting was held in the east room this day of all those who could clothe themselves in the garments of Priesthood, 75 persons were present, Elder H. C. Kimball presiding . . .

At 5 minutes before 11, the song "Glorious things of thee are Spoken" was sung. Father John Smith then made a few remarks, blessed the bread and it handed round by Bishop Geo. Miller, the Wine was blessed by Geo. Miller and handed round by him. While the wine was passing round, Elder George A. Smith arose and addressed the congregation.... (1)

-- Dec 25, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...Br Enion accompanied us across the river And we all attended A tea meeting of the Saints held at the Music Hall. There were 3 or 400 sat [at] the tables pertaking of the bounties of the earth. After the repast was over tables were Cleared away. Elder Woodruff was chosen Chairman of the meeting. Many speaches was made by Elders Woodruff, Ward, Hedlock & A large Number of other elders & the meeting past off well & interesting. 10 m. (2)

-- Dec 28, 1845. Sunday.
[William Clayton Journal] ... Prayer by Amasa Lyman asking a blessing on the bread. Bread passed round by Charles C. Rich and George Miller. Blessing on the wine asked by P. P. Pratt. While the wine was passing, sung the hymn Adam Ondi Ahman.... (1)

-- Feb 9, 1846
... on one of the flatboats a wagon and team of oxen go off into the river after "a filthy wicked man squirted some tobacco juice into the eyes of one of the oxen." This unbalances the flatboat which takes on water and sinks. Mormon Samuel W. Richards writes: "In the eve. met at the Temple with a select party for a Dance, several of the twelve being present, and all the Brass band. Commenced a little before Eight with preyer by Bro. Hyde, and continued the merriment with a plenty of wine untill 10 minutes to 3 morn. Continued work at the Temple as usual and on" (3)

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