History of the Word of Wisdom, Feb 23, 1853. Wednesday.

-- Feb 23, 1853. Wednesday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...About 4 o'clock we were visited by a very heavy snow storm from the north accompanied by high wind. For a short time the atmosphere was dark as approaching night. It was such a storm as is rarely witnessed. Elder Schofield arrived soon after, having been in the storm from its commencement. After tea, we returned to Chesterfield, and took the Railroad to Clay Cross Station 4 miles.... (1)

-- Feb 24, 1853. Thursday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...We arrived at Bolsover about 5 o'clock, and called at Brother Stocks' where we took tea. ... (1)

-- Feb 25, 1853. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...After tea Elder Schofield and myself walked out together. He informed me that Elder [] Wheelock is one who has tried to injure my character deeply. At this I was astonished, as I have not seen Elder Wheelock for many years, much less ever given him any cause for such treatment. However as the revelations came from Elder Schofield of Brother Wheelocks conduct I am not much astonished.... (1)

-- Feb 27, 1853. Sunday.
[William Clayton Journal] A.M. at home preparing for the evening's lecture. Afternoon attended meeting and spoke to the saints a short time. Went to Brother Morris's to tea, and at 6 o'clock returned to the room, and delivered a lecture on the Restoration of the Jews, and Apostacy of the Gentiles, according to previous notice given in the hand bills.... (1)

-- Feb 28, 1853. Monday.
[William Clayton Journal] .... After taking tea with Brother Hopkins, we repaired to the Baths, where Elder Glover baptized five brethren and sisters for remission of sins. These baths have a very filthy appearance, and I felt to advise the brethren not to use them any more. The water looks dirty, and the room is also very dirty. Moreover there is no convenience for changing clothing.... (1)

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