History of the Word of Wisdom, Jun 17, 1849

-- Jun 17, 1849
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] + 17th Sunday I preached to the saints in Lowell. I read A Book in the evening Called Book of Captives Among the Indians including Smith Captivity. He gave an interesting account of A sacrafice offered upon to the Lord by An old Indian Chief who was nearly in a state of starvation & in great trouble. After purifying himself for 3 days with the best herbs He could get He goes before the Lord And builds An Alter lays A stone on the Alter And burns upon it all the tobaco He has And says O though Great Spirit I Here offer up unto thee the best thing I have, And all I have, And I know not when I shall get any more. And I now pray thee to hear my prayer & grant me my Petition which is this. Send A rain to raise this river two feet & a half that my Canoe can go into the Lake (Erie) so I can meet my brethren. Give me one Bear 2 Beaver, & 3 Coones. The Lord Herd his prayer & granted his request in all things. A rain came, the river rose 2 1/2 feet th
at night, He killed A bear 2 Beaver & 3 Coones.

How much the sacrafice of this Indian Chief was like the offerings of Ancient Israel. This Exhample should teach even the Latter Day Saints A lesson. Let them offer their sacrafices as did this Indians And their prayers will be herd And Answered. (1)

-- Jun 27, 1849
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 27th I was sick this morning. Have taken cold. Settelled in my side. In the Afternoon I crossed the bay to Camden with Br Pearce & Luce. Called upon sister Glover. Took tea & walked to Goose River. Spent 2 Hours with Br Henry Mullen who was at work on a ship. We went to Mr Paul Perrys who was friendly & spent the night. 15 m. (1)

-- Aug 1, 1849
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Elder James Skerry who formerly presided over this branch of the Church was Accused of Adultery & Drunkenness. He was 42 miles distant & not present but from the abundant testimony of witnesses present He was Cut off from the Church by the unanimous vote of the same. (1)

-- Aug 10, 1849
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 10th It was vary rough all through the day. I suffered much with sickness. We landed at Portland at 1 oclok. I was sick. I Called upon Ilus F Carter. Took tea. I then went to the cars to go to Boston. I there found sister Sarah B Foss going with the same train to my house. It rained all the way. I was still sick. Went to Boston at 8 oclok. Took cab to Brattle street & omnibus to my House. My family were all in bed. Mrs Woodruff arose & were glad to recieve us home. Distance from St Johns to Boston 500 miles. (1)

-- Sep 9, 1849
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 9th Sunday I preached to the saints & had a good time. I Ordained Brother [ ] Delin A native of Sweeden to the Office of an Elder. I walked with Mrs Woodruff through Boston Common & saw the water spout near 100 feet into the Air. We took tea at Mr Websters & returned Home. (1)

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