History of the Word of Wisdom, Apr. 29, 1846

-- Apr. 29, 1846
Minutes of the Dedication of the [Nauvoo] Temple April 30th, 1846. ... (I speak confidently[.] When Porter Rockwell came in with mail I met him. The last time he came[,] [he] was intoxicated.)... (1)

-- Apr. 30, 1846
Met at sundown in the temple for prayers as usual, after which (with our [temple] clothing) we repaired to the lower room for the purpose of dedicating the same. [A total of] 30 men selected for that purpose were present. After some conversation and singing[,] a prayer circle was formed immediately in front of the Melchizedek stand. O[rson] Hyde was President, and Joseph Young, mouth, after which those present were seated in the stands to represent the order of the Priesthood; myself being seated in the Teachers Stand, and a Dedicatory prayer was offered by O[rson] Hyde to which all responded "amen." After the prayer ended all shouted with a loud voice, "Hosannah, Hosannah, Hosannah to God and the Lamb, Amen, Amen, Amen!" which was repeated three times * After the services of the evening were over, by proposition of Bro. Hyde, we all went into the attick storey of the Temple and enjoyed a feast of rasins, cakes, and wine * and there decided that the temple hands should meet [
the] next day at 2 oclock to enjoy themselves with cakes and wine. When about 12 we dispersed having enjoyed the blessings [and] privilege of dedicating the second Temple, built upon the Land of Zion in the last days, unto the Lord, and it was accepted by him. [Samuel W. Richards journal, Apr. 30, 1846] (1)

-- Jun 10, 1846. Wednesday.
[William Clayton Journal] Went fishing at daybreak and caught 36. Weather hot. We started about 9 o'clock and found the roads good but over hills and ravines all the day. At about 6 o'clock we came in sight of the Pottawattamie [Indian] village. [Then] about 2 miles from it they discovered us coming and we soon saw a number of them riding towards us. Some had bells on their horses which frightened our horses and cattle. James and I took the horses and let the others take the Oxen the best way they could. Some of the Indians followed our wagons and enquired often for whiskey.... (2)

-- Jul 6, 1846
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 6th It was A warm day. We continued our journey And camped at night at the same place whare I camped in the grass with Br Parley. An Indian Chief And some squaes camped near us. The Indian said He was going to meet with mormons & smoke the pipe of peace. (3)

-- Jul 18, 1846
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 18th My left side was exeeding lame this morning But Col Little rubed it thoroughly with red pepper, lumborum, whiskey &c and it was much better.... (3)

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