History of the Word of Wisdom, Mar 7, 1847

-- Mar 7, 1847
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 7th Sunday I met with the Saints in our ward. Bishop Smoot addressed the people concerning the [ ]. I followed him And requested the people that had means to carry sumthing to the Bishop to [for ] the poor to carry flour meal meat coffee shugar &c & I promised I would do the same. We dismissed the meeting & I called in to hear Br Kimball speak A few moments.

I then went home & carried the Bishop 30 lbs flour half bushel meal 4 lbs shugar 2 lb coffee & others took him some things. Br Smoot & myself took some of the things brought in & went to visit the sick. We called upon Br Bundy & Sister Cox both of which were sick. Also Job Smith. We anointed them with oil lade hands upon them & prayed for them & left them some provisions. I then visited Sister Harris & administered to Her with Br Phelps. I spent the night at Br Smoots untill bed time. (1)

-- Apr 14, 1847
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 14th After getting all things in Readiness to leave I called my family to gether & Blessed my wife & childrens And left them in the hands of the Lord. I bid farewell to father Woodruff & family and all around me & took my leave of winter quarters & in company with Elders O Pratt, Lyman G. A Smith E Snow & others we again took the indian trail & rode through the prairie to the Elk Horn & went over on a raft & camped two miles below the ferry, & we had a splendid supper composed of fried Cat fish pork beans, short Cake, Honey Comb, coffee, milk &c &c. We all eat vary Harty. Had prayers & retired to bed. 25 miles. (1)

-- Apr 21, 1847. Wednesday.
[William Clayton Journal] Arose at 5, my face easier, but swelled and my gums raw. Took breakfast on fish and coffee, but ate no bread it being very dry and hard I could not bear to put it in my mouth.... (2)

-- May 4, 1847. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] .... Brother Johnson bought a buffalo robe of the man for about a pound and a half of coffee, and another brother bought one for a pound of sugar and a little Pork. I feel my mind relieved by this unexpected privilege of writing back to my dear family and hope they will have the pleasure of perusing the contents . . . (2)

-- May 9, 1847. Sunday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...President Young took tea with Elder Kimball, and afterwards they started out together, with one or two others to look at the country ahead of us . . . (2)

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