History of the Word of Wisdom, Sep 25, 1847. Saturday.

-- Sep 25, 1847. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] .... tie has got plenty of flour meal, beans, tea, coffee, sugar &c. while most of the camp are destitute of everything but meat, and while he continues to take the tallow and best of the meat there will be hard feelings against him.... (1)

-- Dec 5, 1847
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...Went into Br Hydes House & Had a feast of pie & strawbury wine & retired to rest. (2)

-- 1847. December 23
(Emma Smith) : Married non-Mormon businessman Lewis C. Bidamonâ€"an attentive husband and father, although he had a drinking problem and fathered an illegitimate child whom Emma raised as her own. (3)

-- Feb 13, 1848
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...Meeting was dismissed After which in company with Mrs Woodruff I went to Br Pulsiphers And soon Presidents Young & Kimball came & attended to sealing four couple in matrimony. We had A feast of spruice beer & cakes on the occasion.... (2)

-- Feb 23, 1848
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] [Brigham Young's remarks] ...The spirit of devils who are deprived of Having tabernacles are constantly making war with men who have tabernacles & they strive to take up their abode in the tabernacles of men because they have none of their own, & when they can get a chance they will many of them croud into one man & try to reign there & some times they will kill the body & then the spirit of the man & devils all have to leave it. Some times in sickness & weakness the spirit of deavels get possession of the body whare the spirit of man is pure & overcomes it but the moment the spirit leaves the Body it is beyound the power & reach of the devils. Some children are killed in this way for the devil is making war with every thing that has A tabernacle esspecially the Saints, & the devil rules a great deal in the hearts of the Children of men. And if He cannot go in any other way He will go into A Barrel of whiskey & run down their throats. And wh
en the saints get into the valley away from the gentiles the deavel will get into the Half mormons Hickery mormons & will plead with them to get into them.... (2)

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