George Albert Smith, 1946

-- During 1946
Translation Department of the Church organized. (1)

[Homosexuality] The First Presidency learns of Patriarch Joseph F. Smith's homosexual relationships and he is allowed to resign for "illness" and deprived of church privileges without a disciplnary court or public announcement. He is restored to full fellowship eleven years later. (2)

-- Jan 7, 1947
[Temple] ... First Presidency, Harold B. Lee, Stephen L. Richards met to discuss matters pertaining to the garment. [David O. McKay diary, Jan. 7, 1947] (3)

-- Jan 8, 1947
DESERET NEWS publishes John H. Koyle's repudiation of his former claims regarding "Dream Mine," in which he urges his followers and stockholders to "regard this mine as a business venture without any religious significance." Despite this statement, Koyle is soon excommunicated, due to pressure from Apostle Mark E. Petersen. (4)

-- Jan 9, 1947
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Spent the day in the temple with the Presidency and Twelve counseling about obtaining more help." (5)

-- Jan 18, 1947
Restrictions on travel of Mission Presidents and mission officers outside their jurisdictions-- Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mission Presidents or their wives to leave the mission only with permission of the First Presidency. Similar restrictions on mission officers and missionaries on travel outside the mission to which they were called. (6)

-- Jan 25, 1947
Salt Lake Tribune (Kearns-Tribune Corporation) disposes ownership of KSL after 23 years of joint- ownership with the Church, making the Church the majority owner. (1)

-- Jan 28, 1947
American Red Cross annual drive-- Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.

(Annual appeal of the American Red Cross for support endorsed by the First Presidency.) (6)

-- Jan 30, 1947
[Black History] Minutes of the Council of the Twelve and of the First Presidency: Letter read from President A. Reed Halverson of the New Zealand Mission stating that there has been an instance or two in the mission where men with a trace of Negro blood have been ordained to the Priesthood and are now taking part. He asks whether or not a person who has colored blood in his veins may receive the Priesthood and what should be done about these brethren who have already been ordained.

In discussing this matter it was the sentiment of the Brethren that president Halverson should be informed that no one should be ordained to the Priesthood who is known to have Negro blood in his veins, and that if any one has been so ordained, if it is admitted or otherwise established, he should be instructed not to attempt to use the Priesthood in any other ordinations.

(Adam S. Bennion Papers) (7)

Missionary farewells-- Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.

The policy of the Church regarding the details of holding missionary farewells changed from time to time. The instructions in the Handbook for Bishops and Stake Presidents and also the letter of instructions of December 26, 1945, were modified by stating that missionary farewells could be held on Sunday provided that certain stated policies were followed. (6)

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