George Albert Smith, Apr 28, 1949

-- Apr 28, 1949
Presidency announces that "there is no truth whatever" in dispatches from Moscow's Tass news agency that "Latter-day Saint missionaries are acting as spies in Finland." (1)

-- May 5, 1949
[President George Albert Smith Journal] when stayed home & examined by Le Roy Kimball: "Nothing organically wrong with me he said. I remained home in bed & had myself excused from council meeting." (2)

-- mid May 1949
[President George Albert Smith Journal] [George Albert Smith] began coming to office for at least half day & sometimes more. (2)

-- Jun 1, 1949
LDS-owned KSL-TV television station begins broadcasting. It is the first television station owned by the church and becomes the flagship of church-owned radio and television stations. (1)

-- July 1, 1949
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "...and at 11:30 President Clark came into the office to talk with me about a booklet which just came off the press, entitled "Your Book of Facts and Statistics." This book has been published by the committee on Statistics under the direction of Dr. John A. Widtsoe. It was felt by both President Clark and myself that this booklet contained some information that would be better not circulated." (2)

[President George Albert Smith Journal] "President Clark also called my attention to an article in the Church Section of the Deseret News for Wednesday, June 27 having reference to Priesthood quorums in which it was stated that the High Priest's quorum should be built up. The tone of the Church with reference to ordinations to High Priests. Following my conference with President Clark I invited Dr. Widtsoe to come to the office, and he agreed that the little booklet on statistics should not be circulated and assured me that he would take care of that matter." (2)

-- July 8, 1949
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "At ten o'clock President Clark, President McKay and I drove to the "This Is the Place" Monument where we were joined by Governor J. Bracken Lee, Orval Adams, and John D. Giles. My Counselors and I arrived at the Monument five minutes or so ahead of time and spent this period in looking around the Monument for a short time; as I was going around the south end of thte Monument, the care taker turned on the sprinkling system, and I was completely drenched by a large sprinkler head near the edge of the grass. It was a warm day, however, and my clothing soon dried out." (2)

-- Jul 10, 1949
The Chinese Mission is organized; it is discontinued in 1953. (3)

-- Aug 3, 1949
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Took up a number of matters with President Clark and then at ten thirty held a First Presidency meeting which lasted until eleven..." [Note: It was customary for George Albert Smith to confer w/ J. Reuben Clark prior to 1st Pres. Mtg] (2)

-- Aug 7, 1949
[President George Albert Smith Journal] he visits with former President Herbert Hoover in SLC (2)

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