George Albert Smith, Jul 10, 1946

-- Jul 10, 1946
President George Albert Smith writes in his diary: "Met in office with Council of Presidency & Twelve .... Jos Patriarch case considered. Bad situation. Am heartsick." President Smith is referring to Presiding Patriarch Joseph Fielding Smith [Not the Apostle of the same name] and to the recent discovery of his homosexual activities. Forty-seven-year-old Patriarch Smith is "released due to ill health" the following Oct. (1)

-- July 10, 1946
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "At office 9 a.m. Met in office with Council of Presidency & Twelve Jos Patriarch case considered bad situation. Am heartsick." (2)

-- July 11, 1946
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "At office early. Met in Church Council room with Presidency and Twelve. Transacted considerable business Discussed condition of Patriarch Jos F." (2)

-- July 24, 1946
[President George Albert Smith Journal] he sets first granite stone for monument to Mormon Pioneers at Henefer, Wyoming. (2)

-- Jul 29, 1946
Joseph Fielding Smith of the Quorum of the Twelve writes to Belle S. Spafford, the Relief Society General President, and her counselors: "While the authorities of the Church have ruled that it is permissible, under certain conditions and with the approval of the priesthood, for sisters to wash and anoint other sisters, yet they feel that it is far better for us to follow the plan the Lord has given us and send for the Elders of the Church to come and administer to the sick and afflicted." This ends the practice of "washings and anointings" for women (usually preparatory to childbirth). A previous Relief Society President wrote of this ordinance, "this beautiful ordinance has always been with the Relief Society, and it is our earnest hope that we may continue to have that privilege, and up to the present time the Presidents of the Church have always allowed it to us.' (1)

-- Aug 23, 1946
First presidency tells LDS judge to be cautious about sending LDS "subnormals" to be sterilized in facility at American Fork, Utah. (1)

-- Aug 29, 1946
I was instructed by the First Presidency to write to Pres[ident] Edward J. Wood for the Alberta Temple at Cardston,8 calling his attention to reported irregularities, and innovations, seances &c introduced into the temple and temple ordinances with a request that such deviations must stop. [George F. Richards diary, Aug. 29, 1946] (3)

-- Sept 6, 1946
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Harrold Bennett drove me to see Patriarch Jos F. Smith. A pitiable case." (2)

-- Sep 10, 1946
The first missionaries to Costa Rica arrive in the country. (4)

-- Sept 16, 1946
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Restless night At office 815. Met with Presidency & Jos F. Patriarch & Ruth Browning & son present. A E Bowen also listened in. Regret that the evidence is not satisfactory. President Bryant & Counselors of Palmyra Stake came to counsel about Dream Mine." (2)

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