George Albert Smith, January, 1948

-- During January, 1948
Revised Hymnbook-- Latter-day Saints. c. 1948.

(Introduction or preface for revised hymnbook compiled by the General Music Committee of the Church under the direction of the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve.) (1)

-- Feb 9, 1948
American Red Cross drive-- Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.

(Endorsement of the annual appeal of the American Red Cross for support and contributions.) (1)

-- Mar 13, 1948
Special session of the April General Conference-- (Arrangements for a special session of the April 1948 General Conference of the Church to be held in the Salt Lake Temple.) (1)

-- Apr 2, 1948
George Albert Smith-s announcement (later described as "a revelation") that mission presidents are to have counselors. Apostle Spencer W. Kimball later says revelation's text exists but is not to be published. (2)

-- Apr 14, 1948
Joseph Anderson, secretary to the First Presidency writes to historian Dale Morgan: "An experience running over several years has persuaded us of the unwisdom of giving access to our manuscript records to people writing books, because that same experience has shown that people writing such books are rarely qualified to appraise accurately what they read, and too frequently, whether conscious or unconsciously, they misrepresent what they find. Such manuscripts will therefore not be available for general inspection or use." (2)

-- Apr 19, 1948
Returned missionaries to accompany stake high councilmen on ward visits-- Salt Lake City, Utah; also Improvement Era 51:388, June, 1948.

Members of stake high councils to be accompanied on their monthly visits to wards of stake by returned missionaries. (1)

-- During 1948 April
Mission presidents from around the world reported increasing numbers of baptisms. An expanded building program was started. (3)

-- May 10, 1948
State narcotics officer asks church officials to quietly surrender for destruction the "quantity of opium, an opium pipe, and some other trinkets" in LDS Bureau of Information on Temple Square. Seventy's president Richard L. Evans protests that these materials have been there "since time immemorial." First Presidency cooperates rather than face court order. (2)

-- May 14, 1948
[U.S. Religious History] Israel was formally established as an independent state. (4)

-- May 15, 1948
[President George Albert Smith Journal] he attends memorial services at gravesite of Martin Harris at Clarkston, Utah, for commemoration of Restoration of Aaronic Priesthood (5)

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