George Albert Smith, Jul 16, 1948

-- Jul 16, 1948
Returning missionaries to be interviewed at stake conferences-- Salt Lake City, Utah.

Returning missionaries will now be interviewed by a General Authority of the Church at Stake Conference in the home stake of the missionary rather than the previous policy of having missionaries report to Church headquarters. Identical but separate letters were sent to Stake Presidents and to Mission Presidents bearing this date. (1)

-- Aug 19, 1948
Regulations for coming registration of youths from 18 to 26 for military service-- Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Facts and procedures for the coming registration of youths from eighteen to twenty-six for military service, particularly with reference to those who were in the missionary fields of the Church as missionaries. (1)

-- Sept 21, 1948
[President George Albert Smith Journal] President Harry S. Truman visits him at SLC (2)

-- Oct 6, 1948
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "My nerves are giving me some discomfort as a result of exhaustion." (2)

-- During October 1948
Closed-circuit televisions are first used to broadcast General Conference to other buildings on Temple Square. (3)

-- Nov 18, 1948
Working agreement between L.D.S. Church and Selective Service on calling L.D.S. missionaries-- Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Notification of a working agreement reached between the First Presidency of the Church and Colonel Oscar W. Gray of the Selective Service relative to young men of draft age who are or may he called for missionary service by the Church.

November 18, 1948 To All Stake and Mission Presidencies

Dear Brethren:

We have just held a meeting with Colonel Oscar W. Gray of the Selective Service relative to young men of draft age who are and may be called for missionary service. The following working agreement was reached:

First: That all young men who have already received their "Notice of Acceptability" from their local selective service draft boards and have been classified 1A or 1AP will not be recommended by the bishops of the Church for missionary service. If, however, a young man has received his "Notice of Acceptability" and does not receive his "Notice of Induction" within five months after being classified 1A or 1AP, he may be recommended by his bishop for missionary service. All young men of draft age may be recommended for missionary service if they have received any other classification than 1A or 1AP, providing, of course, that they are willing and worthy and meet all standards of missionary service.

Second: All young men of draft age who have already received their missionary calls and who are waiting to report to the Mission Home will be considered under the old rule that if "Notice of Induction" is received before entrance into the Mission Home, that the missionary is to be excused from missionary service. If "Notice of Induction" is not received before entrance into Mission Home, then the missionary is deferred from the draft until his mission is terminated." We recommend that if there are any missionaries now called who receive their "Notice of Acceptability" a reasonable time before they are to report to the Mission Home and they have not already planned their farewells and made such arrangements to go on missions that reasonable changes can be made, that they should notify the Missionary Committee and they will be excused from missionary service and make themselves available to their local draft boards and await their "Notice of Induction." We consider a reasonabl
e time to be ten days. We are most anxious to cooperate with the Selective Service, and we believe the above procedure will avoid border-line cases and thus avoid embarrassment to the missionary and will render assistance to the Selective Service.

Will you give this matter your careful attention and see that all bishops in the stake over which you preside are fully notified immediately. The above procedure becomes effective December 1, 1948.

With best wishes, we are Sincerely your brethren, GEO. ALBERT SMITH, J. REUBEN CLARK, JR., DAVID O. MCKAY, First Presidency. {1948-November 18-Original circular letter, L.D.S. Church} (1)

-- Nov 28, 1948
Deseret News becomes daily paper. Begins 4-color weekly Sunday news rotogravure magazine supplement. (3)

-- Dec 15, 1948
Christmas greeting from First Presidency-- (Christmas greetings from the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1948.)

Today, the destiny of Nations is involved in this all-important question of 'What think ye of Christ?', and in whether the world will receive Him as the Saviour of Mankind. (Excerpt.) (1)

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