George Albert Smith, Nov 15, 1950

-- Nov 15, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Arthur brought up Dr. Thomas C. Romney and I talked to him about the book he intends to write about President Snow at the request of Le Roy Snow. I cautioned Brother Romney that there were some things I did not think fitting to have in the book. Brother Romney understands the situation." (1)

-- Nov 18, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] at home sick, "Arthur brought President Clark up about ten and I went over some important matters with him." (1)

-- Dec 6, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] Concerning the termination of the current manager of the Temple Square Coffee Shop, "His empolyment (sic) has been discontinued and the Brethren will give consideration tomorrow in the Temple meeting to selecting a new bishop to take his place." (1)

-- Dec 7, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Arthur came up with the mail and after we had worked it for an hour or two I sent him to the Temple with a note about a telegram which the YMCA has asked that the Church join with others in sending to President Truman with reference to the war in Korea. The Brethren decided that if the Church were to send any telegrams they would do so on their own and not join with others, and the YMCA was so informed." (1)

-- Dec 13, 1950
Annual Christmas message-- (The annual Christmas message of the First Presidency.) (2)

-- Dec 30, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "About six in the evening Arthur brought Ernest L. Wilkinson up to see me, and after visiting for a short time Arthur went home and Brother Wilkinson had dinner with us. I talked to him about the B.Y.U. and gave him a message to be carried to Ralph Hardy. Brother Wilkinson leaves tonight by plane for Washington, D.C. The message to Brother Hardy was one of caution in reporting to the Brethren matters of highly confidential nature about world and national conditions. We are grateful for the information, but he must safeguard himself at all times." (1)

-- 1950
Church Membership at end of year: 1,111,314

New Converts : 32,643

Percent Change from previous year: 3.03% (3)

Indian Student placement program implemented. (4)

3,015 new missionaries are sent out. (5)

Church active in 50 nations. (5)

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