George Albert Smith, Dec 31, 1948

-- Dec 31, 1948
A report indicates that the total value of relief supplies sent to the Saints in Europe after World War II amounts to $1,736,000. (1)

-- 1948
Church Membership at end of year: 1,041,970

New Converts : 25,800

Percent Change from previous year: 2.54% (2)

-- During 1948 December
Significant increases were made among the Indian membership in the Southwest states. (3)

-- During December, 1948
Christmas message by President George Albert Smith-- A message for Christmas by President George Albert Smith.

This is a day when the hearts of many are failing them with fear. . . We need have no fear if we do what the Lord has asked us to do. This is his world; all men and women are subject to him. (Excerpt.) {1948-December-Improvement Era 51:785, 831, December, 1948.} (4)

-- During 1948
President George Albert Smith petitions the Lord to lift the ban on blacks receiving the priesthood. He claims he is denied. The ban was not lifted until 1978. (5)

[Homosexuality] President George Albert Smith writes the words "Homo Sexual" in his journal, without further explanation. An autobiography published decades later reveals that two BYU students who were in a sexual relationship had a private appointment with President Smith at the time of his journal entry, and that he had counseled them to "live their lives as decently as they could" within their homosexual companionship. (6)

[U.S. Marriage History] California Supreme Court overturns interracial marriage ban. (7)

-- Jan 14, 1949
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Remained home in bed today with tired nerves." (8)

-- Jan 19, 1949
American Red Cross annual drive-- Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.

(Annual appeal for funds from the American Red Cross endorsed.) (4)

-- Jan 20, 1949
President George Albert Smith begins week's stay in California Lutheran Hospital for his "tired nerves," which his diary first refers to at Oct 1948 general conference. He is first LDS president with history of severe emotional illness and hospitalization. He does not recover from this episode until mid May 1949, when able to be in First Presidency office at least half day. Smith is absent from church headquarters 12 Jan to 27 Feb 1950 to stay a Laguna Beach, California, "to rest my nerves." He returns there to recuperate again for ten days in Mar. Year later his nurse notes that church president is "very confused, very nervous." Ten days before his death, nurse adds that George Albert Smith is "irrational at times." (9)

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