George Albert Smith, 1949

-- During 1949
(George Albert Smith) ... was first Church president to ... appear on a telecast of general conference (1949). (1)

-- Jan 6, 1950
... I went to the Temple by appointment, and administered Second blessings to three of the general authorities and their wives, Elders Eldred G. Smith,12 Milton R. Hunter13 and B[isho]p Thorp[e] B. Isaacson. Bro[ther] T[horpe] B. Isaacson stood as proxy for Samuel F. Ball who is dead & Betsy Hollings Richards for Adena Christena Anderson Ball. [George F. Richards diary, Jan. 6, 1950] (2)

-- Jan 12, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] [George Albert Smith] left SLC to stay at Laguna Beach "to rest my nerves" and returned on Feb 27, 1950 - worked on Church matters while there (3)

-- Jan 16, 1950
American Red Cross annual drive-- Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.

(Endorsement of the annual fund-raising drive of the American Red Cross to be read in all ward sacrament meetings.) (4)

-- During January, 1950
Scouting in the L.D.S. Church-- Latter-day Saints, 1950.

(Endorsement by President George Albert Smith of the Scouting program on its fortieth anniversary.) {1950-January ?-Scouting in The Church of Jesus Christ of} (4)

-- Feb 3, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "We drove directly into Los Angeles and Louisa and Emily [daughter] left us to do some shopping and Arthur and I proceeded on to the Alexandria Hotel where we had lunch and then went upstairs to visit with Brother Spencer W. Kimball and his wife who are staying at the hotel here for a while in an effort to help Brother Kimball regain his strength and health. Brother Kimball has been very ill for some time. When arriving at Brother Kimball's rooms we found that Sister Kimball was out but Golden R. Buchanan, coordinator on Indian Affairs and assistant to Brother Kimball on the Indian work, was there discussing with Brother Kimball Indian matters. We sat in the Hotel room for some time discussing various problems with reference to their work. Unfortunately, there seems to be some stake presidents and mission presidents, and even one or two of the Brethren of the presiding council of the Church, who seem not fully to appreciate the real imp
ortance of this Indian work, and who feel somewhat, as expressed by Brother Kimball, that it is like a ship passing in the night. I have made a note of this point and plan to discuss it further with the brethren and perhaps take it up at General Conference." (3)

-- Feb 12, 1950
First singles ward created at University of Utah. (5)

-- Feb 25, 1950
Missionaries returned to Hong Kong for the first time since 1853. (6)

-- Feb 28, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] he receives an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humanities from the University of Utah (3)

-- Mar 10, 1950
Special session of Annual Conference in Salt Lake Temple-- Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.

To Presidents of Stakes, governing those groups or persons who could be accommodated in the limited seating capacity of the assembly room of the Salt Lake Temple for a special session of the coming April General Conference. Each Stake President to stand in turn at the west door of the temple and identify those of his stake entitled by the invitation of the General Authorities to enter. Only those invited are to enter. (4)

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LDS History Chronology: George Albert Smith

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