George Albert Smith, Jan 20, 1949

-- Jan 20, 1949
[President George Albert Smith Journal] [admitted to California Lutheran Hospital] (1)

-- Jan 27, 1949
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "Today is Council meeting in the Temple & I sincerely wish that I might be there & enjoy the companionship of my brethren, but am confident though, that that day will soon come." (1)

-- Jan 31, 1949
Serological tests before marriage in Utah temples-- Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Instructions of the First Presidency of June 30, 1941, August 17, 1942, and July 6, 1943, on the necessity of couples being married in the temples in Utah complying with Utah laws requiring medical serological tests. Bishops should not issue recommends to Utah couples who go out of the state to be married and then return expecting to be sealed in Utah temples without complying with the serological tests required by law. (2)

-- Feb 8, 1949
[President George Albert Smith Journal] left hospital on Feb 8 & recuperated at Laguna Beach until early March 1949 (1)

-- Feb 23, 1949
Safeguards for young women who migrate to urban centers-- Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Expresses continued concern of the First Presidency and General Authorities for the welfare of young women who are members of the Church who leave their home communities to seek employment in urban centers, referring to the letter of March 22, 1948, appointing Elders Spencer W. Kimball and Mark E. Petersen of the General Authorities to supervise efforts of the Church to safeguard young women from dangers inherent in their migration to urban centers. (2)

-- Feb 28, 1949
Serological tests, summary of previous instructions-- Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah.

This letter of instructions summarizes the various previous letters of instructions of June 30, 1941, June 27, 1941, August 17, 1942, and January 31, 1949, on serological tests by persons to whom temple recommends are to be issued. ... (2)

-- Mar 19, 1949
Urge people to do temple work-- Salt Lake City, Utah.

Bishops and Stake Presidents not to call "as if they were called on a mission" persons to do work in the temples. "The people should be exhorted and urged to do temple work ." (2)

-- Mar 31, 1949
Scouting-- Latter-day Saints, 1949-1950.

(Introductory letter to this publication by President George Albert Smith, urging that the Scouting program be extended to every boy in the Church.) {1949-March 31-Scouting in The Church of Jesus Christ of} (2)

-- Apr 5, 1949
At a special welfare meeting held in conjunction with general conference, the Welfare Program was declared a permanent program of the Church. (3)

-- Apr 26, 1949
First counselor J. Reuben Clark reports that Emily Smith Stewart is prompting her father and church president, George Albert Smith, in making administrative decisions. This is only known period in which a woman has such influence on LDS church administration. (4)

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