George Albert Smith, Jul 1, 1950

-- Jul 1, 1950
The responsibility of the LDS girls' program was transferred from the Presiding Bishopric to the Young Women's Mutual Improvement Association, where it remained until 1974. (1)

-- Mon Jul 10, 1950
[David O. McKay Office Journal] President [George Albert] Smith, in conversation regarding the B.Y.U. Presidency, expressed himself as looking with disfavor upon the appointment of Ernest Wilkinson as President of the Brigham Young University if Wilkinson's suit with the government is not yet consummated.

July 25, 1950: At 3 p.m. Pres. Smith, Pres. Clark, and I met with Ernest L. Wilkinson on the proposition of his being appointed president of the Brigham Young Univ. There is no doubt but that Ernest Wilkinson has the right viewpoint of the mission of the Brigham Young University, especially with regard to its mission and the preaching of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. He senses clearly the fact that every department in the school should, as he stated, "be impregnated" with the spirit of the gospel, and that the teachings of the principles of the gospel should not be confined to a Theological Department with other departments feeling that they are estranged therefor. Brother Wilkinson is a clear thinker; he makes no pretense to having had any experience in school management; he possesses outstanding ability, which I believe he can direct towards a good organization. On the whole I was favorably impressed with him and earnestly hope and pray that he will succeed. (

-- July 18, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "This afternoon Arthur reported to me that Arthur Gaeth had called him about a previously arranged meeting which was to be held in the Logan Stake Tabernacle at which Secretary of Agriculture, Charles F. Branan, was to be the speaker. It was indicated that he would speak on his (Branan's) Farm Policy. While the arrangements had been made, it was now reported that the local brethren had cancelled the arrangements and were not disposed to allow secretary Branan to use the Tabernacle and were indicating as an answer that they were doing so upon the instruction of the First Presidency. President Clark said that he had nothing whatsoever to do with the matter. and so I called President McKay. He had not spoken to anyone..." [handwriting becomes too small and light to read] (3)

-- July 30, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] he departs SLC for California and Hawaii, staying in Hawaiian Islands from Aug 9-21 for Centennial for Church in Hawaii, returning to SLC on Aug 28. (3)

-- July 30 to Aug 29, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] on a trip away from SLC on a trip to Hawaii (3)

-- Aug 16, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] At Honolulu, "In the afternoon, by prearrangement, Joseph F. Smith, former patriarch to the Church, came to the Woolley home, and he and I stayed up in my room and had a long talk together concerning many things, particularly with reference to his problems." (3)

-- August 17, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "The pageant was under the direction of Brother Joseph F. Smith. former patriarch to the Church and now professor at the University of Hawaii and the presentation was a credit to the Church and the Hawaiian people." (3)

-- Sep 04, 1950
The first early-morning seminary, with 198 students, is organized in Southern California under the direction of Ray L. Jones. (4)

-- Sept 18, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "This evening President Clark, walking home from a meeting house, fell and hurt his knee and skinned his nose and face a little bit. He stepped into a hole on the sidewalk and fell." (3)

-- Sept 19, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "After visiting at some length with them then drove down to President Clark's home and visited with him. I found him sitting up at his desk at home but with his knee rather sore." (3)

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