George Albert Smith, Apr 9, 1950

-- Apr 9, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "It is a beautiful talk and beautifully delivered as only President Clark can do it." (1)

-- Apr 18, 1950
Living allowances of General Authorities-- Salt Lake City, Utah.

The living allowances of the General Authorities of the Church increased 30 percent retroactive to January 1, 1950. (2)

-- Apr 20, 1950
Apostle George F. Richards writes: "I obtained permission from President Geo. Albert Smith for my Sons Oliver and Ray and their wives to receive their Second Anointings." (3)

-- May 30, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "I learned this evening that there has been a good deal of difficulty over the Brigham Young Monument dedication services. Senator Green of Rhode Island who was to receive the statue on behalf of the Senate is going to Europe so, at the suggestion of President J. Willard Marriott, Senator Elbert D. Thomas sent a letter to Senator Watkins inviting him to receive the monument on behalf of the Senate and the United States. When Brother Marriott first suggested to Brother Thomas that Brother Watkins receive the monument on behalf of the Senate, Senator Thomas said, "That will be fine. You have Senator Watkins, and I shall resign, I don't care to be on the same program with him," but then it was later decided that it was all right, and so the letter was written advising Senator Watkins that he was to receive the monument. A letter was also sent to Senator Green of Rhode Island, indicating to him that Hayden of Arizona, who had been considere
d as a substitute for the Senator from Rhode Island. I saw a copy of these letters. I then learned, however, that when Sister Edna Erickson arrived in Washington and learned of the arrangement, she was not in favor of it and persuaded Senator Thomas to change his mind and have Senator Hayden of Arizona receive the statue for the Senate. Senator Thomas acquiesced and consequently sent Senator Watkins a special delivery letter indicating that he was not to appear on the program and that Senator Hayden would take care of the acceptance." I am fearful that there was some politics involved in the matter but feel very keenly the fact that on such a sacred occasion such as the dedication of the monument to Brigham Young that any of the people from Utah would stoop to playing politics over such an event. I attempted to get in touch with Sister Erickson, but could not. Emily [daughter] did speak with her on the phone and ask that she call me, but she failed to do so. Following our di
nner at the Country Club we returned to the Hotel where I retired early feeling quite well. Senator Watkins came up to the room after I had gone to bed and visited with Arthur and Emily [daughter] and talked about the difficulty over the dedication. He is quite embarrassed and disturbed because the announcement was given to all the newspapers and was printed in papers over the country, particularly in Utah, indicating that he will receive the monument on behalf of the Senate and is at a loss to know just what he should do. I am very much disturbed over the situation." (1)

-- Jun 1, 1950
President George Albert Smith dedicated a statue of Brigham Young at the nation's Capitol. (4)

-- Jun 01, 1950
President George Albert Smith attends ceremonies in Washington, D.C., during which a life-size Brigham Young statue is placed on display in the U.S. Capitol Building. (5)

-- June 1, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] he attends the ceremony at which the Brigham Young statue is dedicated, received by Senator Hayden of Arizona. (1)

[President George Albert Smith Journal] while in Washington, he meets with a Sister from Mesa, Arizona, who feels "that she was to be the mother of the Holy Ghost; that the Holy Ghost was to receive a mortal body and that she, as Mary of old, the mother of Jesus, had been selected to be the mother of the Holy Ghost." (1)

-- June 9, 1950
[President George Albert Smith Journal] "At Independence, Missouri, "Israel Smith came up to t he house for a visit and we talked about a number of things, including the putting up of a monument for Jerusha Barden and Mary Duty at Kirtland Cemetery. He said he would look into the matter and let me know. I also thanked him for the door to the Liberty Jail which was at Liahona College. I also talked confidentially to Israel, saying to him that it was no desire on our part to quarrel, but rather I wanted to be able to say to his grandfather, the Prophet Joseph, that I had been kind and friendly with his posterity and had made every effort to help them see the light of the gospel." (1)

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