LDS Tithing History, Apr 6, 1888

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Apr 6, 1888
Letter of Wilford Woodruff and apostles establish annual salaries for stake presidents and end President John Taylor's provisions for local bishops to receive fixed percentage (8 percent) and stake presidents (2 percent) of collected tithing as salary. Until 1896 stake committee apportions this 10 percent of tithing between stake tithing clerk and bishops. On same day apostles approve salary for First Council of Seventy, to which one of its members responds: "I would prefer to receive no salary." (1)

-- April 8, 1888
[Franklin D. Richards] At close of Conference met with the 12, the Presiding Bishops Preston & Winder & about 70 Pres[iden]ts of stakes or counselors Pres[iden]t WW, GQC, LS, ES, MT, BY, FML, GQC spoke on the present situation of the Saints necessity of Fast Day offerings informed them of the award to them by the council. (2)

-- September 10, 1888
[Marriner W. Merrill] I wrote to Bishop Preston today for $120 tithing office orders for Joseph's board in Salt Lake, one-sixth of same in meat orders. (3)

-- December 24, 1888
[Marriner W. Merrill] In the Temple 17 baptisms today as tomorrow Temple will be closed. Am alone in Temple this evening, Christmas eve. I sent car of mill stuff to Salt Lake G. T. O. (General Tithing Office) today as follows: 5,000 pounds Golden Harvest flour, 8,000 pounds High Patent flour, and 7,000 pounds bran and shorts. (3)

-- Thursday, Feb 21, 1889
[Apostle John Henry Smith] I got three hundred dollars from J. Jack and paid that amount of tithing. I paid $10.00 for George and $75.00 for Josephine. ... Tithing (4)

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