LDS Tithing History, Thursday, Dec 31, 1885

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Thursday, Dec 31, 1885
[Apostle John Henry Smith] The following members of the board of Grant, Odell and Co. Wagon Co. â€" H.J. Grant, G. T. Odell, J. Grant, F. M. Lyman, O. Woolley and myself [met]. We found that we did about one hundred and thirty thousand worth of business. Our profits were sixteen thousand dollars. We laid aside two thousand to meet possible losses. We paid fourteen hundred dollars Tithing. Made a reserve of eleven per cent and paid a dividend of ten per cent. We voted one hundred dollars each to J. Grant and G. T. Odell as good will. ... I received from the Granite State Glove Co. $40.00 this morning. I paid D. James $20.00, Watson Bros. $20.00. I gave G. H. Taylor credit for $100.00 on the Tithing Office. (1)

-- Feb 08, 1886
Approximately twenty U.S deputy marshals search the Gardo House (the official residence of President John Taylor), the Tithing Yards, and various Church offices in an unsuccessful attempt to arrest Presidents John Taylor and George Q. Cannon. (2)

-- May 4, 1886
Apostle John Henry Smith writes that Presiding Bishopric counselor John Q. Cannon is "getting quite reckless" with church's tithing funds. Cannon is excommunicated four months later, but for adultery not embezzlement. His father, first counselor George Q. Cannon, tells apostles on Aug. 3, 1887 that "he admitted trying to cover John Q. Cannon's stealing from the Church and that he & his son Abraham had made good John Q's defalcations to the amount of nearly Ten thousand dollars." (3)

-- October 19, 1886
[Marriner W. Merrill] I paid August Siostrom $10 in tithing order and $5 in merchandise on T. O. (Tithing Office). He is the man digging for me on the South Farm. (4)

-- Thursday, Dec 30, 1886
[Apostle John Henry Smith] In the evening the Directors of the Coop Wagon & Machine Co. held a meeting and decided to declare a ten percent cash dividend, a five percent stock dividend, to shrink the values of our buildings three thousand dollars, to put six thousand dollars into the contingent fund and pay sixteen hundred dollars tithing. The Ogden house scarcely paid its way. (1)

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