LDS Tithing History, Wednesday, Nov 17, 1880

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Wednesday, Nov 17, 1880
[Apostle John Henry Smith] I was at the office during the forenoon and with the Twelve during the p.m. I rec'd $140.00 and paid Tithing $100.00 and gave Aunt B[athsheba]. $10.00. (1)

-- Wednesday, Dec 8, 1880
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Salt Lake City I was at the office during the forenoon, and in Council with the Twelve during the p.m. I paid ten dollars to the temple fund in a G.T.O. [General Tithing Office] Provision Order. (1)

-- Jan 8, 1881
John Taylor preaches that "President Brigham Young had adopted the system of asking one-tenth of the property of the new comers in lieu of the surplus spoken of in the [1838] revelation." Taylor says that from now on tithing should be only "one tenth of our interest annually," and says local bishops must bear responsibility for giving temple recommends to non-tithers. Clerk in Presiding Bishopric's office records that Taylor has meeting vote to continue previous requirement of "one tenth of the property on entering the church." Thus a new convert is required to pay 1/10 of his/her property but a new arrival in Utah is not required to repeat lump-sum tithing. (2)

[Sermon] John Taylor: Tithing and Other Matters - Correct Views Necessary, JD 22:5 - 16 (3)

-- Monday, Feb 21, 1881
[Apostle John Henry Smith] We visited the temple and were very much pleased at the labor that had been done by the saints of the temple district. The Sanpete Stake has paid over $37,000 dollars tithing and about $40,000 temple offering. (1)

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