LDS Tithing History, Apr 9, 1852

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Apr 9, 1852
[Sermon] Brigham Young: Self - Government - Mysteries - Recreation and Amusements, Not in Themselves Sinful - Tithing - Adam, Our Father and our God. JD 1:46 - 53 (1)

-- May 4, 1852. Tuesday.
[William Clayton] They are accompanied by [William] H. Dame and Noah W. Bartholomew from Filmore City. They go well armed, with about 15 days provisions. The President appointed Samuel P. Hoyt to superintend the Public works in this place. Noah W. Bartholomew is the Bishop and will receive and disburse the tithing received here. (2)

-- Aug 28, 1852. Saturday.
[William Clayton] I spent the time thus alloted for the brethren to prepare for the journey, in settling business in the Tithing Office, giving instructions to the Clerks, and in making preparations for our journey across the plains. ... Brothers W[illia]m Glover, Thomas M. Treat and myself agreeing to fit up a team and wagon and travel together. Brother Treat furnished a span of Horses and half the harness. Brother Glover furnished the other half of the harness, wagon cover and part of the provisions, and I furnished the wagon and the balance of the provisions. It was with the greatest difficulty I could get anything done at the Public works, or even get a little clothing or groceries to take over the plains. Brother Enock Reece kindly gave me a piece of Bacon. And Brother Willis charged me double price for baking our crackers, because he had to take his pay in flour at the Tithing Office price. But although my outfit was of the poorest kind, I felt determined not to compl
ain, but do the best I could. (2)

-- Nov 28, 1852. Sunday.
[William Clayton] Brother Glover has had some conversation today with a Baneemyite. He was able to show the folly of his faith in such a doctrine; but like all other apostates he cherished his errors, although he cannot sustain them either by reason or revelation. They believe that all the Revelations which were given through the Prophet Joseph to the day of his death are true and binding upon this generation. They are decidedly opposed to the plurality; (what will they do with the revelation of July 12, 18437). They believe that the President Brigham Young, and the Patriarch are the two horns of the beast. They believe in three orders of Priesthood; and that Baneemy is the man to gather the armies of Israel and redeem Zion, or Jackson County, Missouri. Charles B. Thompson is evidently Baneemy altho' they say it has not been told who Baneemy is. They are going to have a grand convocation about Christmas, and all the members are required to bring their tithes and offerings, an
d also a report of all their property and effects to the agent C. B. Thompson &c. (2)

-- Feb 7, 1853. Monday.
[William Clayton] The following is a copy of that portion of President Youngs letter of October 29, 1852, which is not inserted into the Star. viz. "So soon as our indebtedness shall become liquidated so that Dr. [] Bernhisel will not have to draw upon the funds at the Liverpool Office, (which we hope may not be long) we wish you to devote the Tithing fund, and all of the profits of the Office, that can be spared, to the replenishing of the Perpetual Emigrating Funds, and payment of money which you may have borrowed. We send you the enclosed list of names to assist, if it be in your power. I wish that you would send a few pieces of bolts of good crumb cloth, as we very much need it to preserve Carpets in some of our rooms, which you know are in constant use. (2)

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