LDS Tithing History, Tuesday, Apr 7, 1891

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Tuesday, Apr 7, 1891
[Apostle John Henry Smith] The Presidency, Twelve, Presiding Bishops, presidents of Stakes and Bishops met at 10 a.m. and the tithing matters were explained. The people are using 1ocaly about three quarters of tithing collected. Bro. Penrose spoke in regard to the Political situation. (1)

-- Thursday, Apr 9, 1891
[Apostle John Henry Smith] I paid $75.00 tithing. I also paid a note of $50.00 at Zions Savings Bank. (1)

-- Jul 9, 1891
[Apostle Abraham H. Cannon] John W. Taylor suggested that the church finances could be increased, by paying Church agents a percentage on all tithings remitted to the head office, instead of all received. Thus there would be an incentive to diligent effort in order to cash the products received at the different offices. After prayer by John H. Smith we adjourned till Oct. 1st at 2 p.m. (2)

-- January 16, 1892
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill] Saturday. I am at the Temple today settling the business for the week. Quite mild outside but no steam in Temple and not pleasant inside. I went down town and arranged about my tithing for last year. I paid in all for 1891 $423.10 cash, mill stuff cash price, $376.50, butter, eggs, and poultry, $23.91, vegetables, $10.47, oats, $28.93, merchandise, $45.15; total, $908.06 for year. Paid Joseph Morrell for fur coat $44.00. Went to Richmond at 5 p. m (3)

-- Tuesday Mar 22, 1892
[John Nuttle] ...Busy on Fund business: I called on Leonard and gave him a Wardrobe which was Sophias and she does not need it.- Prest Christopher Layton called to see me and reported that my Nephew John H. Nuttall who resides in his stake. sends his best regards to me. Bro L. says John is living his religion. pays a good tithing - is taking good care of his wife & family at home also of his wife & children who are in Mexico so that she is perfectly satisfied with his conduct towards her. I was (4)

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