LDS Tithing History, Oct 24, 1845. Friday.

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Oct 24, 1845. Friday.
[William Clayton] Â…Evening at Elder Taylors. We then had prayers as usual, and all felt that the Lord will deliver B[igelow] out of their hands. After prayer, it was decided that Mary Smith and Emma have all the wood they want off the church land. Also that we establish an agency over the river to receive and take care of tithing grain until spring so that when we move we can take it as we go. It was recommended that J[ohn] E. Page be appointed for that agency if he will do it. It was decided not to hire Pecks Mill, inasmuch as he wants $300 down for 6 months rent. (1)

-- Dec 14, 1845. Sunday.
[William Clayton] There is no law to prevent any man from obtaining all the blessings of the priesthood if he will walk according to the commandments, pay his tithes and seek after salvation, but he may deprive himself of them. (1)

-- Dec 27, 1845. Saturday.
[William Clayton] After the meeting was over in the room of President Young, Bishop N. K. Whitney counted out Two hundred dollars, which came in as tithing from Brother [] through the hands of Elder Orson Pratt. (1)

-- During 1845
Jedediah M Grant: Church tithing agent 1845 (2)

-- During December 1847
[Utah Legal History] In December 1847 a General Council took over the affairs of civil government. Bishop's courts for local wards provided a judicial process, with ecclesiastical high councils serving as appellate courts. Bishops, stake high councils, and the LDS First Presidency officiated as courts. Police power was placed in the Nauvoo Legion, and law enforcement officers were appointed. Church tithes and offerings served as community revenues. (3)

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