LDS Tithing History, November 18, 1892

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- November 18, 1892
[Apostle (and Logan Temple President) Marriner W. Merrill] I left on 6:20 a. m. train for Salt Lake. Went to President Woodruff's office and arranged for railroad ticket to Sevier County (Saline). Arranged also to get $200.00 of my tithing applied on repairs of Logan Temple. At 2:30 p. m. went again to the President's office and received instructions about attending the Sevier Stake Conference at Richfield with Apostle Lund. (1)

-- Jun 30, 1893
[Heber J. Grant] [Extract from letter from Joseph F. Smith:] It is rumored that J. W. Young has succeeded in closing his business in London and had forwarded $20,000 to Mexico and would soon be back home with ample means to redeem his property and credit here. It sounded to good to be true, and we had little or no faith in the rumor; nevertheless we cabled Brother C. to get 50,000 from him if possible and cable it. This is the end of the month and not a dollar to pay anybody with not even Pres[iden]t Woodruff and the Twelve. We have sent out or caused to be sent, circulars to the Presidents of Stakes to dispose of anything on hand in their stakes, in the shape of stock-produce or other property, cheap for cash and send the same to us at once. There is nothing doing--no tithing coming in--or means stirring and everybody seems paralized as well as business. (Bullion Beck-- cannot get anything for ore asay value $50 per ton.) (2)

-- Jul 1, 1893
The Church fails to meet its payroll, forcing General Authorities to draw their living allowances in tithing commodities. Economic depression hits Utah hard and has First Counselor George Q. Cannon meeting with financiers in London (including Baron Rothschild) and Apostle Heber J. Grant meeting with bankers in New York to secure a loan to see the Church through the hard times. The First Presidency writes: "Every day urgent demands for cash are made of us, which we cannot meet for the simple reason that we have no money. . . . We never saw such a time of financial stringency as there is now." (3)

-- August 12, 1893
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill] Saturday. I went to Salt Lake again today. Attended meeting in President Woodruff's office at 1 p. m. with the Presidents of Stakes when President Woodruff spoke of the financial condition of the Church and asked help from all the Stakes in loans and the prompt payment of all tithings due from all tithe payers. The Presidents of Stakes voted to do all they could to relieve the Church, and meeting adjourned. I went out to Saltair bathing resort at 3:45 p. m. and returned at 5:10 p. m. and took train at 8 p. m. for home. (1)

-- Aug 12, 1893
[Francis M. Lyman] At 1 P.M. met with the Presidency and Twelve and Presidency of Stakes as follows [32 names] The financial embarrassment of the Church were laid before us by Pres[iden]ts Woodruff, Smith and Cannon. Will the Saints who are able come to the rescue of the Church credit by loaning money or security and by coming forward with their tithes and temple offerings? was the question. All present felt they would with all their ability. This was decided by unanimous vote. The straightened circumstances of the people were referred to. Very little talk was done. The Church will pay 10% per annum and give Trustee in Trust notes payable in one year. The prospect does not look very favorable as the Saints are just as pinched as the Church. (4)

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