LDS Tithing History, October 7, 1890

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- October 7, 1890
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill] Tuesday. I attended meeting of Presidents of Stakes at Gardo House at 10 a. m. The Presidents of Stakes were nearly all present. Opened by prayer by Jacob Gates. Much valuable instruction was given by the Presidency on the relations of men and their families. President Woodruff said brethren must not abandon their plural families, but be more kind than heretofore if it was possible, and also to children of such relation, and if they did not God would hold them responsible. It was also decided to raise means in the different Stakes to help the Church defend the rights of the people, as the tithing was not sufficient after doing other things. Meeting was dismissed by Apostle Moses Thatcher. I went to the thoroughfare, met Heber there. Incidental expenses today were $8.15, spectacles $3.50. My board at the Valley House during Conference was $8.00. I left Salt Lake at 5 p. m. and arrived in Ogden at 6 p. m. on the U. P. fast train. Left Ogden at 7:30
p. m. on standard gauge for Deweyville, arriving at 9:40, and transferred to narrow gauge for Logan and Richmond. Arrived at Richmond at 12:30 a. m. after some delay on the road. (1)

-- Dec 7, 1890
[Apostle Abraham H. Cannon] I overslept myself and it was 7:30 o'clock before I arose. I hastened to my room, changed my clothes and reached the northbound train in 40 minutes. Father was aboard and we went to the Davis Stake Conference at Kaysville where we met H[eber] J. Grant. I walked around for an hour and was at the meeting house at 10 a.m. where the second day's services commenced. After the reading of the statistical report I spoke 40 min. on the duties of the Saints to become self-sustaining, and urged them to assist in the establishment of a sugar factory. H.J. Grant spoke 20 min. on home industry and the payment of tithing. He said he once looked through the tithing record and found that only a part of our legislators, Bishops and Presidents of Stakes paid their tithing. Father made a few remarks before meeting closed. (2)

-- Jan 30, 1891
[Apostle Abraham H. Cannon] After some little discussion it was decided that it will be best for Z.C.M.I. and other corporations to cease paying tithing on their earnings but leave the stockholders to pay from their dividends. The custom, however, of deducting the tithing from the wages of employees was not discontinued. It was thought proper in some instances to induce eastern Gentiles of respectability to take stock with us in some of our large corporations. They would thus feel interested in protecting us in case of attack on our institutions. It was reported that there are many thieves working in Z.C.M.I. whose thefts have been discovered. Whether to make public examples of them or merely discharge them, was referred to the Board of Directors. (2)

-- February 19, 1891
[Apostle Marriner W. Merrill] Thursday. We have 101 for endowments. Weather mild and roads very muddy. Miss Ida Cook came and took her books away from the Temple and placed them in the young men's reading room, Logan Tithing Office, upstairs. (1)

-- Thursday, Mar 5, 1891
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Thor Petersen came with a complaint against President S. S. Smith in regard to the Tithing. We looked into the matter and tried to explain to him but could not make him see it. (3)

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