LDS Tithing History, June 30, 1857

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- June 30, 1857
[Brigham Young Letter] H. S. Eldridge, -- Our City is continually improving, the Streets are constantly being beautified. The wall around the Tithing store is completed excepting the gates. ... We have upwards of 300 hands on the public works, and there is a general steady increase of faithfulness and diligence amongst this people. There is general scarcity of lawyers apostates, Officials, thieves and scoundrels amongst us. (1)

-- Jan 31, 1858
At prayer circle meeting Brigham Young asks Orson Pratt to report on how "traveling Elders were supported in England and about tithing &c." Pratt reports that Franklin D. Richards has "established a tithing system throughout England so that all pay one tenth of all the receive and this stops the constant dunning for money. This money is then used for supporting the Elders to pay their expense to foreign contries & home and to pay rent of chapels . . ." Pratt mentions that he has made enough money from his pamphlets that he has "not used any tithing." (2)

-- Apr 2, 1859
Non-Mormon judge convicts three Mormons (two of them policemen) for conspiracy in Parrish family's murder. Under immunity two LDS men testify that Springville bishop ordered the killings because Parrishes were leaving Utah with unpaid tithing. Shot to death... (3)

-- Dec 25, 1859
[Sermon] Amasa M. Lyman: The Gospel - Tithing - Religion in the Home Circle, JD 7:338 - 345 (4)

-- Mar 13, 1860
Brigham Young says, "if a man has not the means to pay tithing and would if he could, I can fellowship him just as well as if he did; but if he has the means and will not pay; and [h]as no disposition to pay; not believing the revelation upon that subject, I would cut him off from the Church; and let him go to California or where he pleases." (3)

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