LDS Tithing History, Oct 26, 1854

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Oct 26, 1854
Bishop publishes notice in DESERET NEWS that Enoch M. King is disfellowshipped "for repeatedly refusing to conform to the rules of said Church, in the law of Tithing." (1)

-- Nov 26, 1854
[Sermon] Heber C. Kimball: Contentment - Home Manufactures - The Priesthood - Tithing - Gathering - Building Up Zion - Purification, JD 2:155 - 163 (2)

-- During 1854
The first homemade paper, an edition of the Deseret News, was produced in the mountains from a ―crude little plant on the temple block. Deseret News operation moves to Tithing Office Building. (3)

-- During 1855
Grasshopper plague and crop failure leads to institution of fast offerings. (3)

-- Jun 15, 1856
Brigham Young preaches: "I have proof ready to show that Bishops have taken in thousands of pounds of tithing which they have never reported to the general tithing office. We have documents to show that Bishops have taken in hundreds of bushels of wheat, and only a small portion of it has come into the general tithing office; they stole it to let their friends speculate upon. If anyone is doubtful about this, will you not call on me to produce my proof before a proper tribunal? I should take pleasure in doing so, but we pass over such things in mercy to the people." (1)

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