LDS Tithing History, Jun 27, 1873

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Jun 27, 1873
[Sermon] Brigham Young: Continued Obedience to the Laws of God is Necessary to Insure a Complete Salvation to the Latter - Day Saints - The Disobedience of Ancient Israel is Shown As a Warning to the Present Generation of His People - The Nature and Necessity of the Law of Tithing - The Fewness of Those Who Faithfully Observe that Law, JD 16:108 - 115 (1)

[Sermon] George A. Smith: Obedience - By Reason of Their Disobedience, Ancient Israel and the Land of Palestine Were Visited With and Still Remain Under the Curse of God - Tithing a Heavenly Requirement, JD 16:102 - 107 (1)

-- Jun 28, 1873
[Sermon] Brigham Young: Extension of the Utah Northern Railroad - The Building of the Meetinghouse and Other Public Improvements Urged on the People - Faith Made Manifest By Works - Unity in Labor and Cooperation in All Things Pertaining to the Kingdom - Labor Builds Up the Kingdom - Number of Those in the Congregation Acquainted With the Prophet Joseph - Early Experience in the Church - Rewards Will Follow Obedience - Object of the Law of Tithing - Serves the Lord Because of the Purity of Revealed Truth, JD 16:63 - 71 (1)

[Sermon] Franklin D. Richards: Improved Circumstances of the Saints in Utah - Potency of the Law of Tithing, JD 16:59 - 63 (1)

-- Aug 16, 1873
[Sermon] Orson Pratt: The Manifestations of God's Power, in Behalf of His People in Modern Times, Are Different From Those of Former Ages - Consecration - Order of Enoch - Tithing - Stewardships - Redemption of Zion, JD 16:146 - 159 (1)

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