LDS Tithing History, Oct. 27, 1856

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Oct. 27, 1856
[Brigham Young Letter] Franklin D. Richards -- Pay debt to Sister Gibbs. "In regard to your indebtedness to Sister Gibbs, I wish to enquire of you how long it would take me to pay all Church indebtedness, if brethren collect the cash tithing and put it in their own pockets!" (1)

-- Nov. 4, 1856
[Brigham Young Letter] George Q. Cannon, -- We are willing that you should make the turns which you mentioned upon the Tithing Office ... whenever you find it necessary, believing that you will not abuse this privilege. (1)

-- Dec. 7, 1856
[Brigham Young Letter] Pres. Silas Smith and the Brethren on the Sandwich Islands, -- In our day, as anciently, the human family ere prone to neglect that which pertaineth to their true interests here and hereafter, insomuch that even the Saints at times become dull and careless, and need to be roused from their lethargy. Several years of comparative uninterruption in our mountain homes has had the customary effect upon the minds of many of the people, and they had need to be aroused.
For this reason Prests. Jedediah M. Grant and Joseph Young and many others began to labor Strenuously in our different Settlements, with a view to arouse the Saints to righteousness and a renewed zeal in the cause of our God. It affords me great gratification to be able to Say that the people have visibly awakened from their slumber, and have never before evinced greater alacrity and cheerfulness in the payment of tithings, in prresenting their free will offerings and in responding to the various calls made upon them by the Priesthood.
In assisting to bring about So beneficial a result Prests. Grant and Joseph Young labored So strenuously and continuously that they were Seized by Severe illness President Young is now recovering but it has pleased the Lord in his wisdom to Separate our beloved brother Jedediah from us for a Season. After a Short but Severe illness, he died at his residence in the City. ... (1)

-- 1856 1856
During this year the practice of paying tithing was generally introduced among the Saints in Europe. During the winter and spring there was a great scarcity of food in Utah, and many domestic animals perished. (2)

-- Jan. 31, 1857
[Brigham Young Letter] Bro[ther]s S. Smith, Richards & Edward Partridge, & the Brethren in the Sandwich Isl., -- The moral condition of the people also is improving -- they are more faithful in prayer; more diligent in attending meetings, a better spirit is there felt, and the tithing more promptly paid. ... We had had no dancing parties this winter, no theatrical representations, but in our meeting, there is more intelligence & joy. ... (1)

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