LDS Tithing History, Friday, Apr 1, 1881

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Friday, Apr 1, 1881
[Apostle John Henry Smith] The First Presidency and seven of the Twelve were in council most of the day. We were looking over the tithing scedules or reports and find them in a rather mixed condition. (1)

-- Saturday, Apr 2, 1881
[Apostle John Henry Smith] Two meetings were held today with the Presidents of stakes at which much Counsel was given by the brethren in regards tithing matters. (1)

-- Apr 2, 1881
In meeting of stake presidents with First Presidency and apostles: "Before parties can be recommended to the Temples or house of the Lord, they must be rebaptised & must be tithing payers." (2)

-- Wednesday, Apr 20, 1881
[Apostle John Henry Smith] I spent the entire day with Bros. G. Q. Cannon, J. F. Smith, F. D. Richards and F. M. Lyman and several other brethren in trying [to] figure out some plan for the management of the tithing office in a better manner. (1)

-- Wednesday, Jan 4, 1882
[Apostle John Henry Smith] President Taylor had his article on the Gardo House read again and with slight changes it was approved. Bro. Taylor then went for those who had spoken against his article the day before and he showed much feeling. The item was that at a meeting of the Twelve some years ago a resolution had been passed which gave to the President $2,500 a year according to J. F. Smith's statement but the minutes of that meeting showed that the Resolution gave to President J. Taylor the power to draw from the tithing without limit. J. F. Smith, Wilford Woodruff, F. D. Richards and Moses Thatcher spoke against any such power being placed in the hands of one man and that they wanted that Resolution rescinded when the men who passed it got together. President Taylor said he was in favor of it being withdrawn. Lyman and myself did not speak on that matter because it was an action taken before we were ordained apostles but I will not vote for the President to have an u
nlimited draw at the tithing. (1)

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