LDS Tithing History, Thur 18.

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Thur 18.
[John Nuttle] at Temple. 28 endowments for Living & 17 dead 15 & 7 = 22 Sealed I officiated as Recorder - used the sword - and at the Vail - Sister Lovina a Johnson had her endowments to day - Bro N. C. Tenney called on me for Recommends for his Sons. I talked plain to him on his Tithing Matters - wrote to wives also to Bro John Rider & Mailed them with letters to Bro Jas Lewis J. L. Bunting & G. W. Bean I wrote yesterday. - (1)

-- Fri. 9.
[John Nuttle] Mar At Temple officiated as Recorder Michael & Adam at Veil & Sealing Records 201 Endowments. 78 ordained 54 Sealings W. W 13. E. Snow 41- sent some soap to Wife Sophia by Jacob Hamblin- Leo Steward arrived brought letter from Wife Sophia. Daughter Elizabeth Ann & Bro Bunting- arranged some Tithing. Matters with Bro Macdonald for N. C. Tenney. tooks (sic) an emelic before supper. & felt some better- on going to bed tooks (sic) 3 pills. Pres' Young got endowmnts for one of his dead- also 2 anointings- (1)

-- Tues 3
[John Nuttle] ... At 2 P.M meeting was held & services had from the Aaronic Stand the centre states had been turned- Bp Bd Hunter- Preston & E D Woolley spoke followed by Prest B Young - said my views as regards the Lord accepting this Temple are from the time I heard the revelations of God through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I have not had time to ask the Lord whether he accepted my labors or not. it is for me to learn the will of God and then do it- It might be asked why we do not build our Temples with the Tithing I do not get enough Tithing to pay the clerks- and now I say when you come to this Temple to do your work fix up your Wagons, Teams &c. bring your provisions- feed 1- and be prepared to take care of yourselves, not calling on the Bishops for help but leave them alone- & to the Bishops I say give no recommends to any persons to get their blessings in this house unless they have Kept their covenants. said their prayers. paid their Tithing donations and lived their re
ligion- a Very severe Wind storm arose about the close of the meeting. the heaviest Storm I have seen in the south-. ... (1)

-- Fri 13
[John Nuttle] at Temple officiated as Recorder went to the Preset Office to copy answers to questions on U. O affairs as also yesterday had about an hours talk with Pres Young on Tithing offic wheat Binns. Fence &c. he directed the building of a Tithing office. 40 x 20 feet outside. with cellar under the whole.. 8 feet in the clear. upper story 14 feet in the clear. steep roof.. fence of lumber pickets- the foundation of dressed rock above the ground. the graneries of lumber on Posts. a 87 Endowments. 36 Ordained. 25 Sealings (G. Q. C. 24. W W 1) 11 Second anointings. 15 Adoption parted with many of the brethren & Sisters at the Temple all feeling to bless me and as expressed desirious of my returning- Left the Temple at 4 P.M. Transacted what business I had to attend to & prepared for leaving for home in the morning. (1)

-- Oct 21, 1877
[Sermon] John Taylor: The Gospel Revealed for the Benefit of the World - Witness of the Spirit - Priesthood - High Priests and Seventies - Energetic Missionaries - Duties of Presidents, Bishops, Elders, Priests, Teachers and Deacons - Relief Societies - Tithing - P. E. Fund - Common Schools, JD 19:237 - 249 (2)

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