LDS Tithing History, Monday, Aug 21, 1882

LDS Tithing Chronology

-- Monday, Aug 21, 1882
[Apostle John Henry Smith] 3 p.m. a Council was held and it was decided that J. B. Maiben should hold the title to the Temple Spring. It was also decided that the local corporations should hold their tithing houses. (1)

-- Monday, Oct 23, 1882
[Apostle John Henry Smith] I turned my horses over to G.T.O. [General Tithing Office] and they allowed me $150.00 for them. I gave my wife Sarah F. a ring today as a birthday present as I am going away. (1)

-- Nov 6, 1882
[Sermon] Franklin D. Richards: Tithes and Offerings - Consecrations and Stewardships - The Law of the Lord to the Latter - day Saints - The Meaning of - Surplus Property - Tithes and Offerings in Ancient Times - The Year of Jubilee or Release - The Importance of Paying Tithing - God the Giver of Every Good Gift - Tithes and Offerings His Due, JD 23:311 - 320 (2)

-- May 18, 1884
Apostles instruct stake leaders about President John Taylor's ruling that as payment for their services, bishops will receive 8 percent of tithing they collect, and stake presidents 2 percent of stake tithing. (3)

-- Aug 30, 1885
[Sermon] Franklin D. Richards: Parable of the Ten Virgins - Rapid Development of the Arts and Sciences - The Lord Hastening His Work in Its Time - Enmity Between the Church of Christ and the World - The Gathering Together of People From Every Nation After They Have Been Baptized Into One Spirit - The Law of Tithing - Blessings Which Follow Obedience Thereto - Binding Upon All, Rich and Poor Alike - Giving to the Poor - Power of the Principles of the Gospel and Effects of Their Observance - Jehovah - Jesus Christ - His Ministry - His Followers - Their Mission - Preaching to the Spirits in Prison - Baptism for the Dead - Saviors Upon Mount Zion - Responsibility Resting Upon the Saints - a Word of Encouragement to the Missionaries, JD 26:296 - 303 (2)

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