Lorenzo Snow, 1830, April 6

-- 1830, April 6
The "Church of Christ" organized, Fayette township, NY, and "Articles and Covenants of the Church" revealed (D&C 20). (1)

-- During 1830, December
First revelation on gathering given. Command for Church to move to Ohio (D&C 37). Reiterated (D&C 38). (1)

-- 1831, February 1
Joseph Smith arrived at Newel K. Whitney Store in Kirtland, OH, and commenced ministry there. (1)

-- 1831, August 3
Temple site, Independence, MO, dedicated by Joseph Smith. (1)

-- 14 August 1831
[Wife of Lorenzo Snow] Birth of Eleanor Houtz, future wife of Lorenzo Snow (2)

-- During 1831
President Snow was born under more opportune circumstances than most early leaders of the Church—his family of Mantua, Ohio, having been quite well-to-do. In his youth he attended schools near his home and planned to pursue a military career, a choice that his beloved older sister, Eliza, opposed heartily. Religion played no important role in his early life. When he attended Oberlin College to prepare for his chosen vocation, he noted that although Oberlin was supposed to have the epitome of a fine Protestant atmosphere, it fell far short of his expectations. He said, Â"If there is nothing better than is to be found here in Oberlin College, goodbye to all religions.Â" (3)

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