Lorenzo Snow, 1838, December 1

-- 1838, December 1
Joseph Smith and others imprisoned, Liberty Jail, Liberty, Clay Co., MO. (1)

-- During 1838
In 1838 the Snows joined the Saints in Missouri, and Lorenzo left for another mission, this time to Illinois and Kentucky. While the Saints settled Nauvoo and his parents moved farther on, to Walnut Grove, Illinois, Lorenzo went as a missionary to England. (2)

(Lorenzo Snow) In Adam-Ondi-Ahman, Missouri, "I took my gun with the intention of indulging in a little amusement in hunting turkeys. … It never occurred to my mind that it was wrongâ€"that indulging in 'what was sport to me was death to them'; that in shooting turkeys, squirrels, etc., I was taking life that I could not give; therefore I indulged in the murderous sport without the least compunction of conscience.

"While moving slowly forward in pursuit of something to kill, my mind was arrested with the reflection on the nature of my pursuitâ€"that of amusing myself by giving pain and death to harmless, innocent creatures that perhaps had as much right to life and enjoyment as myself. I realized that such indulgence was without any justification, and feeling condemned, I laid my gun on my shoulder, returned home, and from that time to this have felt no inclination for that murderous amusement." (3)

Lorenzo Snow: Moved to Missouri 1838. (4)

-- During February 1839
Lorenzo Snow: Returned to Ohio February 1839. (4)

-- 1839, December 16
Nauvoo charter signed by Illinois Governor Thomas Carlin. (1)

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