Lorenzo Snow, February 1846

-- During February 1846
Lorenzo Snow: Left Illinois for West February 1846. (1)

-- Mar 23, 1846
[Hosea Stout Diary] Monday March the 23rd 1846. Today was warm dark rainy and muddy. We had no corn for our horses and cattle but President Young had purched some 4 miles back and sent some of my teams to draw it to camp & when it came he gave us half of it. It made but one feed for us of four years to a beast. I rode out on the road with Hunter & Anderson and found it to be very mudy travelling. Lorenzo Snow and his company went on today. George Miller & his company who were now 8 miles ahead also moved on. This was contrary to council & it was decided that if they did not stop they should be cut off from the camp and their names not known in the "Camp of Israel." (2)

-- Mar 26, 1846. Thursday.
[William Clayton Journal] ... [] The whole camp accordingly was organized,10 A[lbert] P. Rockwood over 1st 50; Stephen Markham, 2nd 50; [] Young, 3rd 50; Howard E[gan] Kimball, 4th 50; Charles C. Rich, 5th 50; Charles Crisman, 6th 50. Each fifty had also appointed a contracting commissary for the purpose of contracting for work and grain as follows: Henry [G.] Sherwood 1st 50; David [Yearsley] Kimball 2nd; W[illia]m H. Edwards 3rd; Peter Haws 4th; Joseph Worthen 5th; Samuel Gully 6th. It was understood that I continue to preside over the band and in the absence of Brother Haws over the whole fifty. After this there was appointed for each fifty a distributing commissary to distribute feed in camp as follows: Charles Kennedy for 1st 50; J[edediah] M. Grant 2nd 50; Nathan Tanner 3rd 50; Orson B. Adams 4th 50; James Allred 5th 50; Isaac Allred 6th 50. The brethren then gave the following instructions for the whole camp with orders that same be observed hereafter, viz. No man to set fires to Prairies. No man to shoot off a gun in camp without orders. No man to go hunting unless he is sent and all to keep guns, Swords and pistols out of sight. There was then appointed a clerk for each fifty as follows: John D. Lee Young, 1st 50; John Pack 2nd 50; Lorenzo Snow 3rd 50; Geo[rge] H. Hales 4th 50; John Oakley 5th 50; A[sahel] Lathrop 6th 50. The council then adjourned to meet at Shariton Ford camp on Monday at 10 o'clock. We then returned to our Camp where we arrived just at dark. (3)

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