Lorenzo Snow, 1843 Apr

-- During 1843 Apr
Lorenzo Snow returns from his mission to England and is taught of the plurality of wives by Joseph Smith. Orson Hyde is sealed to his second plural wife, Mary Ann Price. (1)

-- May 14, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ... Elder G. A. Smith followed with a few remarks. I also followed him & meeting closed for one hour, & we met again. I opened meeting & spoke upon revelation obeying the Commandments by building the Nauvoo House. Was followed By G. A. Smith on the same subject. Elder Lorenzo Snow then spoke sumwhat lengthy concerning his mishion to England which was interesting. Then our meeting closed.... (2)

-- 1843, July 12
Revelation on celestial marriage received (D&C 132). (3)

-- Dec 19, 1843
[Patriarchal Blessings] [Patriarchal Blessing of Lorenzo Snow by Isaac Morley on December 19, 1843]

Br. Lorenzo I lay my hands on thy head in the name of Jesus thy Redeemer & I seal & ratify the blessing that has been confer[r]ed upon thee by the authority of the Everlasting Priesthood I seal upon thee the blessings of Abraham & equal blessings with Isaac & Jacob. Thy name is regestered [registered] in heaven Thy offering and thy sacrifice is accepted before the Lord, and for all thy labours and sacrifices, thy toil thy travels, and fatigues shall blessings from on high be pour[e]d out upon thee thy Creator has given thee a mind capable of reception and of expanding wide as eternity. And it shall be thy gift and blessing to receive the Comforter even the Spirit of Truth which shall lead and guide thee into all Truth Thou hast thy gift & blessing of discernment of spirits to detect error and imbrace [embrace] truth Ask and thou shalt receive the gift and blessing of a white stone in that stone a new name written that no man knoweth save him to whom it is given. And thro' [through] & by that blessing thou shallt [shalt] attain to the faith once delivered to the Saints. Prisions [Prisons] shall only cause thee to smile to see the follies of men. Power from on high shall be given thee & clear thy way before thee

Rememember [Remember] thy calling that thou art call[e]d to prune the Vineyard of the Lord in this last Dispensation The heavens above are stored with blessings for thee The Earth will unbosom its treasures to thee and to thy Posterity after thee. And thou shalt have the blessing to win thousands unto Christ. Thy love and thy labor in the Gospel of Jesus that is past will be realized and blessings will follow it to the latest ages of Posterity. Thousands will honor thee & claim thee their Father in the Gospel Thou hast a spirit & principel [principle] in thy bosom that cannot be subdued or conqu[e]red by wicked men And thou shalt have the blessing to stand in the ranks when one shall chase a thousand and two shall put their ten thousand to flight The principal of love shall cast all fear from thy mind & thine enimies [enemies] shall ever flee from before thee & thou shall yet wear the laurels and crowns of victory upon thy brow Thou shalt ever be admired by all who are lovely & enjoy the society of Kings and Nobles. Brother Joseph shall be thy Prophet and Friend. The fidellity [fidelity] of thy heart shall cause many to rejoice because thou wilt never deviate by influence of flattery & deceit. Ask and thou shalt receive length of days untill thou shalt be satisfied with life & see the kingdoms of this world of our Lord and our God, and no good thing shall be withheld from thee.

Ask and thou shalt receive the Anointing and the ordinance in the House of the Lord Thy Posterity shall be as numerous as was promised to Abraham because thou hast the blood of Joseph who was sold into Egypt. The blessing to be in the same Everlasting Covenant I now ask God the Eternal Father to let his holy spirit rest down upon thee that it may perform its proper office in bringing to thy mind and thy memory all things that are necessary for thy present and thy Everlasting welfare: and in the name of Jesus I seal the blessings of Eternal Life upon thy head Amen & Amen (4)

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