Lorenzo Snow, 1842 10 Oct.

-- 1842 10 Oct.
[Joseph Smith] Missionary (and later president) Lorenzo Snow delivers two ornamentally bound copies of the Book of Mormon to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert through Sir Henry Wheatly. Queen Victoria probably never read, and may never have handled this presentation copy, but it has since resided in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle. (1)

-- Oct 20, 1842 (Thursday)
Thomas Ward succeeded Apostle Parley P. Pratt as president of the British Mission, with Lorenzo Snow and Hiram Clark as counselors. (2)

-- During 1842
[Wives of Wilford Woodruff] In the Family Record, Wilford writes, Phebe W. Carter [born] March 8 1807 [married] April 13, 1837 [died] /November 10/85." She had nine children, but five died in infancy. Wilford lists Sarah Emma (1838-1840), Willford Jr. (1840-1921), Phebe [Phoebe] Amelia (Snow) (1842-1919), Susan Cornelia (Scholes) (1843-1859), Joseph Carter (1845-1846), Shuah [Sarah] Carter (1847-1848), Bulah [Beulah] Augusta (Beatte) (1851-1905), Aphek (1853-1853). Phebe Amelia became a plural wife of Lorenzo Snow. (3)

-- Jan 16, 1843 (Monday)
The ship Swanton sailed from Liverpool with 212 Saints for New Orleans, led by Lorenzo Snow. The emigrants arrived at Nauvoo April 12th. (2)

-- April 12, 1843
He returned to Nauvoo [from London] in 1843 as leader of a shipload of 250 converts. En route, Elder Snow's quiet confidence, his healing of a dying steward, and the faith of his company of Saints led to the baptism of the ship's first mate and several of the crew. The party arrived in Nauvoo on April 12, 1843. (4)

-- Apr 12, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] ...Conference of Elders commenced at 10 [A.M.] and closed at 12:20 having ordained about 22 Elders and appointed about 118 to different Missions in U[nited] S[tates] and Canida and restored Almon Babbitt to fellowship &c., &c. See Minutes of the Quorum of the Twelve [Apostles].

Before the Conference closed the Steamer Amarenth appeared in sight of the Temple coming up the River and about noon landed her passengers at the wharf opposite the old Post office building. About 240 of the Saints from England in charge of Elder Lorenzo Snow who has been preaching in England 2 or 3 years. Joseph and Emma were present and a large company of the brethren and sister[s] ready to greet their friends on their arrival.

/Notice was given at Close of the conference for the emigrants to meet at the stand tomorrow morning [at] 10 to hear instructions./ After unloading /Saints/ the Amarenth proceeded up the river. This is the first boat up this season. Bro[ther] Snow and Co[mpany] left Liverpool in January.... (5)

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