Lorenzo Snow, 1831

-- During 1831
(Lorenzo Snow) At seventeen, Lorenzo heard Joseph Smith preach in Hiram, Ohio, and concluded that he "could hardly be a false prophet." His mother and sister Leonora were baptized, but Lorenzo had no interest in Mormonism until after his first term at Oberlin College (Snow was the first Church president to attend college), when his recently-baptized sister Eliza urged him to come to Kirtland and study Hebrew under Joshua Seixas. Her real motive was to bring Lorenzo into contact with the Prophet. The strategy worked; Lorenzo was baptized in June, 1836. (1)

-- 1832, February 16
Revelation known as "The Vision" (D&C 76) received by Joseph Smith, Hiram, OH. (2)

-- 1833, July 2
Joseph Smith concluded first draft of Bible translation. (2)

-- 1833, July 20
Mob at Independence demanded removal of Saints from Jackson Co. Printing office destroyed, halting printing of Book of Commandments. (2)

-- 1833, November 7
Saints fled from Jackson Co. mobs across Missouri River into Clay Co. (2)

-- 1835, February 14
Quorum of the Twelve Apostles organized, Kirtland, OH. (2)

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