Lorenzo Snow, Oct 2, 1840

-- Oct 2, 1840
[Brigham Young] --2-- Returned to Liverpool and proceeded to Manchester, where we found Brothers Levi Richards, Lorenzo Snow, J. Blakeslee and James Burnham, who had just arrived from America on a mission. (1)

-- Dec 23, 1840
[Brigham Young] --23-- Went to Birmingham, and from thence to Gret's Green, and found Brother Lorenzo Snow just getting over the measles. I stayed all night with him. (1)

-- 1841, January 19
Saints commanded to build Nauvoo Temple and Nauvoo House (D&C 124). (2)

-- Feb 11, 1841
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 11th We finished our Peace for the Press. Elder Lorenzo Snow arived at our lodgings this day from Birmingham to [take] charge of the church in London in our absence as we Shall leave it in his Care. I was truly glad to once more greet Br Snow As I have not seen him before since 1837. (3)

-- Feb 14, 1841
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] [14] Minutes of A Conference held in LONDON

A Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was held at Mr J. Barretts Academy 57 King Square Goswell Road on Sunday the 14th Feb 1841, There being present Elders H C. Kimball W. Woodruff L Snow & Wm. Pitt & 4 Priest.

The meeting was Called to order by Elder Kimball at 2 o-clock. It was then moved by Elder Kimball seconded by Elder Pitt that Elder W. Woodruff should be president of the conference. Carried unanimously. Moved by Elder Kimball seconded by Elder Woodruff that Dr. Wm. Copeland be chosen Clerk. Carried Unanimously.

The meeting was opened by singing & prayer by Elder Kimball. The President then called upon the official members to Represent their respective branches.

The Church at Bedford Represented by Robert Williams, Priest containing 42 members, one Priest 7 Removed 2 Died.

The Church at Ipswich Represented by Elder Wm. Pitt, consisting of 12 members, one Elder one Priest, & one Teacher.

The Church at Woolwich Represented by John Griffith Priest, consisting of 6 members 1 Priest.

The Church at London Represented by Elder Kimball Consisting of 46 members, 1 Elder, 2 Priest generally in good Standing. Excellent Prospect of continued increase.

Moved by Elder Kimball Seconded by Elder Woodruff, that James Albon be ordained Elder. Carried unanimously.

Moved by Elder Kimball seconded by Elder Snow that Thomas Barnes be ordained Teacher. Carried Unanimously.

Moved by Elder Kimball Seconded by Elder Pitt that Br R. Williams be ordained Elder to oversee the Church at Bedford. Carried Unanimously.

Moved by R. Williams Seconded by Elder Pitt that Br Wm. Smith Be ordained Priest at Bedford.

Moved by Elder Kimball Seconded by Elder Pitt that Br Richard Bates be ordained a Priest in the Church at Woolwich. Carried unanimously.

Moved by Br R. Williams, Seconded by Elder Pitt that Br John Sheffield be Ordained Teacher at Bedford. Carried unanimously.

Moved by Elder Kimball Seconded by Br Griffiths that Br A. Painter be ordained a Teacher at Wool-wich. Carried unanimously.

The Above named persons were then Ordained under the hands of Elders Kimball Woodruff & Snow.

Moved by Elder Kimball seconded by Elder Woodruff that Elder Snow be Appointed President of this conference Also to take the Superintendicy of the Church in London.

Much valuable instruction was given by Elders Kimball & Woodruff in relation to the Duties of the Official members.

It was then moved by Elder Kimball & Seconded by Elder Snow that this conference be Adjurned to Sunday, the 16th of May 1841. Carried unanimously.

The Conference was then closed by the President by singing & Prayer at half past five.

W. Woodruff President

106 members 2 E. 5 P. 1 T. Dr Wm. Copeland Clerk

We also broke bread with the Saints & confirmed 4. We had a happy time through the meeting. We again met & opened meeting at half past six. I opened meeting & was followed by Elders Albon, Pitt, Williams, Snow, & H C. Kimball. We had the fullest house we have ever Seen there & a great prospect of the spread of the work. One came forward for Baptism. This is a day I have long desired to see, for we have laboured exceding hard to esstablished the work in this city, & in several instances it seemed as though we should have to give it up but by claiming the promises of God & holding on to the word of God, the rod of Iron we have been enabled to overcome, & plant a church & esstablish a conference which we are enabled through the grace of God to leave in a Prosperous Situation which has the appearance of a great increase which Church & conference we leave in the care of our Beloved Brother Elder Lorenzo Snow. May God bless him & roll on his work in Mighty Power in this city I pray, & raise up a great people here to the Honour & Glory of his name. Thy Purposes O! Lord + must roll on. Thy Decrees are Sure. Wisdom how Precious thou art. (3)

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