Lorenzo Snow, 1844, March 11

-- 1844, March 11
The General Council (Council of Fifty) organized in Nauvoo. (1)

-- 1844, April 7
King Follett Discourse delivered by Joseph Smith. (1)

-- During Spring, 1844
Lorenzo Snow Journal, "Sent early in the spring [of 1844], by the Twelve, on a Political mission to Ohio. Delivered on the Steamer Osprey the first political lecture that was ever delivered to the world in favor of Joseph for the Presidency the day after the Conference 6th April Received an appointment by the Twelve to form a political organization throughout the state of Ohio for the promotion of Joseph for the Presidency. On the 23rd of June presided at a large Convention in the Temple at Kirtland. Procured the Printing of 4000 copies of Joseph's "Views" on Government. Got the state nearly organized and heard of the death of Gen. Smith." (2)

-- Jun 7, 1844
[Brigham Young] --7-- Lawyers and doctors called to converse with us, and obtain copies of General Smith's "Views." Afternoon, with Brother Richards I went to Mantua, where we met Brother Lorenzo Snow and others. We proceeded to Hiram and held a meeting in sight of the house where Joseph and Sidney were dragged out by the heels and tarred and feathered.

Arrived in Kirtland on the 8th; found my brother John Young and my sister Nancy Kent well.

--9 -- (Sabbath) I preached in the temple in the morning, and Brother F. D. Richards in the afternoon. I lectured in the evening on the subject of the location of Nauvoo; the Saints were dead and cold to the things of God. (3)

-- 1844, June 7
Nauvoo Expositor, anti-Mormon newspaper, published. (1)

-- 1844, June 27
Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith martyred in Carthage Jail. (1)

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