Lorenzo Snow, 1842, May 4

-- 1842, May 4
First Endowment ordinances given, Red Brick Store, Nauvoo. (1)

-- May 5, 1842
At a British Mission conference in Manchester, Lorenzo Snow sings a hymn "beautifully in tongues." In Nauvoo Joseph and then Hyrum Smith receive their anointing and endowment in the upper room of his store from the men who were anointed and endowed the day before. (2)

-- Jun 29, 1842
[Lorenzo Snow becomes brother-in-law to Joseph Smith] Elder Brigham Yong officiating Marriage - Joseph to Eliza R. Snow, age 38 ,. PLACE: Navuoo, IL SOURCE: FamilySearch.com record for Joseph Smith Jr. (3)

Eliza Roxcy Snow (single, age 38) marriage to Joseph Smith

Sister of Lorenzo Snow. ... William Clayton said Smith told him in February 1843 that Snow was one of his plural wives. She was married to Brigham Young from 1844 until his death in 1877. (4)

-- 1842 September 22
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] In addition to my own sickness Mrs Woodruff has had a rising on both of her thumbs which appears to be a species of the fellen which has caused her much pain for two or three weeks. Also our Baby Phebe Amelia [future wife of Lorenzo Snow] has been quite sick for two or three weeks & for two days has been considerd dangerous. (5)

-- Oct 10, 1842
Lorenzo Snow presented copies of the Book of Mormon to Queen Victoria of England. (6)

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