Lorenzo Snow, Apr 13, 1843

-- Apr 13, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] April 13th 12 The Steem Boat Amaram arived at Nauvoo with about 230 Saints from England led by Elder Lorenzo Snow who had been in Englang about two years laboring. He was with me in London. We all felt to welcome him & the Saints to our Shores. (1)

-- Apr 19, 1843
3, Oclock P. M. Council of the twelve at Josephs office B. Young. Wm. Smith, Parley Pratt O

Pratt John Ta ylor. Wilford Woodruff. Geo A Smith. W. Richards Joseph Smith. go in the name of the Lord God & tell Woodworth to put the hands onto the Nauvoo House & be patient till men can be provided.

...The Twelve shall not go to England. I dont want them to go this year, I tried them in England & they have broke the ice. I want to try some of elders & try them I will not designate. where should go. Lorenzo Snow may stay at home till he gets rested. the twelve must travel to save your lives. I feel all the veins & states necessary for the twelve [to move in] to save their lives.

....Voted that Elder Hyde be called Bro Hyde Parley offered to pay for the book Voted that O. Hyde & W. Richards take charge of the book & bring up the records. (Voted that Elder L. Snow & L Richards obey the first commandment in 3 weeks.) adjouned to next Monday 4 o clock P. M. (2)

[Joseph Smith Diary] ...President Young asked if the Twelve [Apostles] should go to England? Said Joseph, "No, I don't want the Twelve to go to England this year. I have sent them to England and they have broke the ice /and done well/ and now I want to send some of the Elders and try them. I will not designate who. Lorenzo Snow may stay at home till he gets rested.

"The Twelve must travel to save their lives. I feel all the veins and stratus [strata] necessary for the Twelve to move in [are provided] to save their lives.... (3)

-- April 28th 1843
[High Council Minutes]

Council met according to adjournment at J Smith's Store up stairs. Marks & Rich presiding

Present 1) Bent 2) Allred 3) Wilson 4) Fulmer 5) Cutler 6) Harris 7) Grover 8) Sidney Roberts pro tem Johnson being released 9) Danl Shearer pro tem. 10) Huntington 11) Soby 12) Lorenzo Snow pro tem

Prayer by Br Aaron Johnson

H.G. Sherwood against Peter Forey.


"To the High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at Nauvoo Illinois April 12th 1843.

I hereby prefer a charge against Peter Forey as follows,

1st For refusing the reasonable remuneration to my wife my daughter Jane, and family that justice and gratitude require for the labor and attendance on him and his daughter when sick and living in my house AD 1841.

2nd Also for seeming to smuggle and secrete his property appearantly to evade a visible means in him to spy any or all the just due as aforesaid.

3rd Also for ungenerous and ungrateful, sarcastic and slanderous epithets by him made respecting my family.

H.G. Sherwood.

The defendant plead that as his witnesses were not here he was not ready for trial whereupon the trial was adjourned untill the 12th of May next at 9 oclock.

Council then adjourned untill the same time.

Hosea Stout Clerk (4)

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