Lorenzo Snow, Spring, 1837

-- During Spring, 1837
Giving up his plans for further formal education, Lorenzo set out on a series of missions for the Church in early spring 1837, first to the Mantua area, where he baptized some of his friends and relatives, and then to other Ohio counties before returning to Kirtland. (1)

-- During 1837
(Lorenzo Snow) Sent alone on a local mission to Ohio, the first night he knocked on eight doors before finding lodging. (2)

-- 1838, August 6
Election-day fight, Gallatin, MO. (3)

-- 1838, October 25
Battle of Crooked River, between Missouri State militia and Saints. David W. Patten, apostle, slain. (3)

-- 1838, October 27
Missouri Governor Lilburn W. Boggs issued Extermination Order, Jefferson City, MO. (Rescinded June 25, 1976, by Governor Christopher S. Bond.) (3)

-- 1838, October 30
Haun's Mill Massacre, Caldwell Co., MO. (3)

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