Speaking in Tongues, 1870

-- 1870
John H. Beadle of Utah, writing in 1870, remarked that "this exercise [of tongues] is a little too ridiculous, even for the Mormons at present, and is rarely heard of." [John H. Beadle, Life in Utah: or, The Mysteries and Crimes of Mormonism (Philadelphia: National Publishing Co., [1870]), 323.] (1)

-- May 7, 1871
[Brigham Young Sermon] ... Now, to our experience again. Suppose you obey the ordinances of the Gospel, and do not speak in tongues to-day, never mind that. Suppose you do not have the spirit of prophecy, no matter. Suppose you do not receive any particular gift attended by the rushing of a mighty wind, as on the day of Pentecost, there is no particular necessity that you should. On the Day of Pentecost there was special need for it, it was a peculiarly trying time.... (2)

-- Aug 11, 1872
[Brigham Young Sermon] .... From China let us go directly to the Cape of Good Hope, and there an Elder is preaching and baptizing people into the kingdom of God, and when they get into this kingdom they begin to read and understand, and to prophesy, and if they are not checked in the gifts, you will hear them speak in tongues. Let me say here, to the Latter-day Saints, it is frequently asked by our brethren, '"Why do not the people speak with tongues?'" We do, and we speak with tongues that you can understand, and Paul says he would rather speak five or ten words in a language that can be understood, than many in a language that can not be. This is what he conveyed. We speak with tongues that can be understood; but the reason that we do not encourage this little, particular, peculiar gift, which is for the edifying of some few in the Church, I have not time to explain. ... (2)

-- 1873
T. B. H. Stenhouse, a disaffected Mormon, complained that Young was "the least desirous of listening to the exercise of this 'gift [of tongues],'" relating also an instance in which a woman glossolalist was cautioned by two of Young's wives "not to mention the circumstance, as 'Brother Young' was opposed to such manifestations." [T. B. H. Stenhouse, The Rocky Mountain Saints: A Full and Complete History] (1)

-- Aug 31, 1873
[Brigham Young Sermon] ... Some may receive the gift of tongues, that they will get up and speak in tongues, and speak in many other languages beside their mother tongue, the language that they were brought up in, that they were first taught, and be able to proclaim the Gospel of life and salvation that all men could understand it. ... Are we entitled to the gift of speaking in, or the gift of the interpretation of, tongues? No. .... (2)

-- Feb 21, 1874
During meeting of Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Association in Assembly Hall on Salt Lake Temple Square, "Mother [Elizabeth A.] Whitney sung in tongues, and Carrie Carter in attempting an interpretation threw her bonnet and muff on the floor, & fell on her knees, remaining for some time in that position." (3)

-- May 14, 1875
"after urging," Elizabeth Ann Whitney spoke in tongues with fluid ease for some five minutes. Eliza R. Snow affirmed that it was the "pure tongue of Adam." (3)

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