Speaking in Tongues, Jan 2, 1843

-- Jan 2, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] ...."Because faith is wanting the fruits [of faith] are not [evident]. No man since the world was, ever had faith without having something along with it. The ancients quen[c]hed the violence of [nature and] escaped the edged of the sword. Women received their Dead &c. By faith the worlds were made. A man who has none of the gifts has no faith. He deceives himself if he supposes it. Faith has been wanting not only among the brethren but professed Christendom also, that Tongues and healings and prophecy and prophets and apostles and all these gifts and blessings have been wanting." Joseph spoke at great length and edification to the little co[mpany]. ... (1)

-- Jan 22, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 22d Sunday President Joseph Smith deliverd an interesting discourse at the Temple to a large congregation. ....

Their is a difference between the kingdom of God & the fruits & blessings that flow from that kingdom becaus their was more miracles, gifts, graces visions healings, tongues &c in the days of Jesus Christ & the Apostles & on the day of pentecost than under Johns Administration. It does not prove by any means that John had not the kingdom of God; any more than it would that a woman had not a milk pan because she had not a pan of milk. For while the pan might be Compared to the kingdom the milk might be Compared to the blessings of the kingdom.... (2)

-- 1843: 30 May
[Patriarchal Blessings] Thomas Smith. (Given by John Halbiston {Holliston?}, Manchester, England.)

.... The Lord will keep thee faithfull in thy high calling & thou shalt carry the gospel to other nations & preach in other tongues & gather the tribes of Israel & Judah & be mighty in word & deed & be an honored instrument in the Lords hand in accomplishing his great designs & bring many to the knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus Christ. The mystery of redemption shall be revealed unto thee in plainness & thou shalt see the propheses accomplished. ... (3)

-- Jul 30, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 30th Sunday Six of the quorum of the Twelve met at Temperance Hall in Pittsburgh with the Saints. .... He was followed by Elder B Young who also bore testimony to the work of the Lord and among the many remarks he made he argued in the following manner:

Why do the people oppose the gifts & graces? If a man Can get faith by the power of God & the gift of the Holy Gost so as to lay hands upon his wife & Children or friends when they lie sick & languishing nigh unto death & Command the fever or disease or the power of the destroyer or even death itself to depart to cease its work, to be still & the person is relieved I ask what harm is their in all this? Or if a man by faith & humility before God can get the testimony of Jesus Christ & prophecy of things to Come or speak in tongues or cast out devils, I ask what harm in all this? Does it do any harm? No it does not. I know the New Testament is true for I have proved it according to the pattern given by believing in Christ obeying the gospel & knowing the signs do follow. Then I ask does these things harm any one? No they do not. ... (2)

-- Aug 2, 1843
[Brigham Young] --2-- Elder Charles Beck gave us $48 to help us to Baltimore. On the 3rd we started at 6 a.m., by stage, and rode all day and night, and arrived in the morning of the 4th at Cumberland.

While in the stage we had a very interesting conversation with two Campbellite preachers who attacked us on "Mormonism." They contended that that which was in part had been done away, and that which was perfect had come, and that there was now no need of tongues, interpretations, and etc. Elder Woodruff replied,--"You then have no need to contend, for if that which is perfect has come, you certainly should all see eye to eye, being in possession of perfect knowledge." ... (4)

-- September, 1843
[Joseph Lee Robinson] We will now mention our exhortations or prophecy given in tongues one Sunday evening in my house. On this evening Brother Archibald Patten gave us a very lengthy and spirited lecture in tongues. E. T. Benson wished someone to give the interpretations on Brother Patten and said Brother Robinson could give it. I immediately arose to my feet and commenced by saying the Saints should continue their labors in building the temple of God in that place to completion so far that they should receive their endowments in the same and after the Lord should remove the Saints west out from these United States into a goodly land among the Lamanites in the midst of the Rocky Mountains. And there that they should preach the gospel to the house of Joseph and that many of them would be baptized and that the elders should go to the nations of the earth and preach the gospel to them and gather out many of the honest in heart and gather them out and that the work of the Lord should prosper with mighty power and that he would establish His Saints and increase them and bless them abundantly and that he would raise a mighty army of the Lamanites and that they should come forth from the mountains and that they should fall upon the Gentiles with mighty power and that a trembling and fear should fall upon these Gentiles but they should have no power to resist them that as well might the puny arm of man be raised to stop the mighty northwest winds for the Gentiles to stop this mighty army. At that time when I was saying these words I could see them coming over the hills across the river west of Nauvoo. They looked terrible as a dark cloud. Then I said they should avenge the blood of the prophets that was shed in Carthage Jail and that Governor Ford would not execute one man (as Governor Ford at this time with an armed force was in pursuit of the murderers saying that he would bring them to justice).

But that this army of Lamanites should avenge the blood of the prophets. Yea, that they should make a clean job of it. This is only a synopsis of the prophecy but it gives some of the particular parts of the prophecy. We consider it a very interesting prophecy that would be literally fulfilled. (5)

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