Speaking in Tongues, April 1, 1883

-- April 1, 1883
My wife, Jane and I went to fast meeting.... At the meeting the gift of tongues was used wherein the Lord said that when the destroyer should leave the realms above upon his work to lay waste the earth, it will be communicated and made known to him that stands at the head of the church - (1)

-- Sunday May 18, 1884
Just 7 yrs ago to day at 12 M the ground was dedicated & broken for this temple. This morning at 9 O.C. I went to the Temple& prepared to receive the audience for the 2nd dedicatory Service and the Same Opening him was Sang& Same pray repeated. Choir Sang Apostle Erastus Snow Who related the Kind of Ordinances administered that was the anointing of heads & washing of feet by Quorims Spoke of the 3 Golden Keys presented in token of the Keys of the Priesthood. Spoke of an angel being Seated by the of father. Fred G. Williams during the offering of the prayer the Same place that Pres Taylor ocupies. Many Spoke in tongues and the congregation was filled with the Holy Ghost. (2)

-- July 28, 1884
[James Henry Martineau] [Blessing by Wm J. Smith of wife Susan] You shall do a great work in bringing souls to Christ, and shall do a mighty work among the Lamanites, and shall have power to learn tongues and languages, and shall be preserved from every evil.... (3)

-- During 1884
(Heber J. Grant) When Heber was fifteen, Eliza R. Snow prophesied in tongues and Zina D. H. Young interpreted: eventually Heber would be one of the leading men in the Church.... (4)

-- Thursday, Apr 1, 1886
[Apostle John Henry Smith Diary] Salt Lake City

I attended fast meeting and heard the speaking in tongues. (5)

-- November 1889
Ezra C. Robinson said in 1899 that although he had been "born and reared in the Church," he had "never had the privilege of hearing the gift of tongues manifested" before being called on his mission. [Ezra C. Robinson, "Evil Spirits Rebuked-The Gift of Tongues and Prophecy," Improvement Era 3 (November 1899): 31] (6)

-- Apr 19, 1894
[Apostle Heber J. Grant Diary] [Meeting of Apostles and Presidency] Prest. Woodruff spoke of the first time he had ever been in a meeting witht the Prophet Joseph and said that Joseph had said to the few men in the room at the time that they had no more idea of the magnitude of the work of God than babes. Among other things Joseph had said that there would yet be tens of thousands of saints in the Rocky Mountains. Referred to hearing a large number speak in tongues in the Kirtland Temple and that a sister Hman Hyde interpreted most of what was said and there was more in the talk about the Rocky Mountains than any other subject. He did not then understand that the saints were to be located in these valleys. (7)

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