Speaking in Tongues, Jan 2, 1846. Friday.

-- Jan 2, 1846. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] ... At an early hour those who slept in the Temple were stirring, and large company had assembled in the vestry, waiting for their washing and anointing... After the regular exercises and business of the day was over ... the President gave permission to any one to speak or pray, or shout, or speak in tongues. No one seemed disposed to use the opportunity, where upon the President arose and made a short address to those present, himself. ... (1)

-- Feb 28, 1846
[Samuel W. Richards journal, Feb. 28, 1846] - at sundown to the Temple, where we spent the evening in holy conversation, administering the Sacrament, and speaking in Tongues, enjoyed the fruits of the Gospel. (2)

-- Mar 15, 1846
[Thomas Bullock journal, Mar. 15, 1846] At sundown went to the Temple. [There were] 14 [in attendance, who] partook of the Sacrament[,] after which we had a most glorious time. Some of the brethren spoke in tongues. Bro. Z[ebedee] Coltrin and [Benjamin] Brown held a talk in tongues which was afterwards interpreted and confirmed. Some prophesied. Bro. [William] Anderson related a vision. And all of us rejoiced with exceeding great gladness. A light was flickering over bro. Anderson's head while relating his vision, Phinehas Richards face shone with great brightness. Two men arrayed all in priestly garments were seen in the n[orth]e[ast] corner of the room. The power of the Holy Ghost rested down upon us. I arose full of the Spirit and spoke with great animation, which was very cheerfully responded to by all, and prophesied of things to come. A brother testified that our meeting was accepted of God. And we continued our meeting until after midnight, [a meeting] which was the most profitable, happy, and glorious meeting I had ever attended in my life, and may the remembrance be deeply rooted in my soul for ever and ever. (2)

-- Mar 21, 1846
[Patriarchal Blessings] ... The Blessing of Abigail Hall, the daughter of Thomas and Catherine Harback; given in the City of Joseph, March 21st, 1846 by Isaac Morley.

... The gifts of the Gospel will become thy blessing, the Spirit of the Lord will cause thee to speak in unknown tongues and to understand truth from error. Wisdom will become thy gift, and faith will cause thee to be endowed with power from on high. Power will be given thee to act upon thy agency in behalf of thy deceased friends, and all the blessings that have been sealed upon thee will be verified in thy salvation and thy exaltation ... (3)

-- Mar 22, 1846
[Samuel W. Richards journal, Mar. 22, 1846] Went to my Quorum meeting in the Temple. The whole Quo- [rum] being present consisting of 15 members ... it was proposed by C[urtis] E. B[olton] that we pray for the Prophet Joseph [Smith] to come into our midst and converse with us, some consented to do so but the idea was first objected to as being unwise by Bro. Levi [Richards] who received a reprimand by way of [a] hint to leave the room from Bro. B[rown,] [though] not being agreed [to by the] Quorum. The matter was taken up, and after some remarks from several of the brethren, it was decided by the President, that we had no right to pray for such a thing, and all was right again. The Sacrament was administered and our great joy encreased by the gift of Tongues and Prophecy by which great bless- ings were spoken and made known to us. (2)

-- Apr 29, 1846
[Minutes, Apr. 29, 1846] Minutes of the Dedication of the [Nauvoo] Temple April 30th, 1846. 7:45 p.m. Present at the dedication of the House of the Lord this evening ... Elder Hyde then requested the brethren to form a circle ... and then dedicate the House, they moved to the front part of the Melchizedek Stand and formed a circle. Elder O[rson] Hyde President (Elder Wilford Woodruff entered). This temple has been built in 5 years and the Gov[ernmen]t has oppressed us more and more every year and now they drive us away from it and now "I prophesy in the name of the Lord God of Hosts that this Government shall begin to be oppressed and be oppressed more and more every year and at the end of five years they shall be as badly oppressed as this people now is and they shall not know which way to look for Sunday" "It is the general government." (Amen.) ...

- * W[illiam] Anderson says as Brother Hyde has prophesied he would tell what was spoken in tongues and give the translation of it and he fully believed it. I rejoice in this thing and am willing to do all in our power to accomplish these things [and] get away [with] the brethren - ...

May we rise before we close. We shall offer up our Hosannahs and where there's [time, to] shout out the ranks of the [priesthood this] evening. The order of it is Hosannah, Hosannah, Hosannah to God and the Lamb Amen Amen and Amen[,] and I don't know that there'll be any hour [available] if we should speak it out [in] the angels voices [tongues]. We belong to God. [I] feel like giving one shout in the House of God. If this is your mind signify it by rising upon your feet (all upright). The signs and shouts (thank God [for] being [here][.] You are dismissed with the blessings of thy Lord and your God Amen.) - * The brethren adjourned to the attic story where a table was spread and loaded with "A Feast of Fat Things For the Righteous" in the shapes of wine, grapes[,] intestines [?] cakes &c &c which made a delightful banquet & was blessed by Elder Wilford Woodruff after which the feast was partaken of in great good harmony & happiness in testimony of the occasion of the dedication of the House of the Lord. ... (2)

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