Speaking in Tongues, Aug 4, 1845

-- Aug 4, 1845
[Patriarchal Blessings] Patriarchal Blessing of John Needham given by William Smith on August 4, 1845

... the Lamanites shall hear thy voice for in other tongues the Gospel shall be preached to them the gift of tongues and interpretation shall be given thee, by Revelation thou shalt speak and thy tongue shall be unloosed none shall deceive thee for thou shalt have the discerning of Spirits also great wisdom even the true knowledge of God power to organize kingdoms and build up a church of God ... (1)

[Patriarchal Blessings] Patriarchal Blessing of John P. McEwan given by William Smith on August 4, 1845

... for thou shalt have the gifts and blessing[s] of the Gospel the discerning of Spirits; gift of tongues and interpretation none shall have power to gainsay thy word for in distant lands thy voice shall be heard and while the heathen rage and imagine vain things

the Lamanites shall rejoice in thy testimony and they who are of thy Bretheren [Brethren] thy father[']s house shall hear thy voice and incline thine ears and their hearts shall understand and with thee when thine inheritance is sealed shall they be brought into the celestial mansions ... (1)

-- Aug 6, 1845
[Patriarchal Blessings] Patriarchal Blessing of Joseph McNeill given by William Smith on August 6, 1845

... gird thyself for the work for as a Messenger of peace thy voice shall be heard in distant lands and thy kindred shall be brought by the labors of thy ministry and even of the fruits of thy labors shall thousands call thee blessed for by Revelation shalt thou speak the gift and power of the Holy Ghost shall be upon thee and in other tongues shalt thou make known the fulness of the Gospel the gift of discerning Spirits the gift of wisdom power by faith to heal the sick cast out Devils the interpretation of tongues and every necessary blessing temporal & spiritual necessary to perfect thy ministry and complete thy Salvation shall be thine ... (1)

-- Dec 15, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 15 Conference met again this morning. The fore part of the day was spent in making such Changes in the conferences as the circumstances required. In the Afternoon the Joint Stock Company was taken up And much said upon the subject. The evening was ocupied mostly upon the emegration. At the close I gave some Council to the Elders, such as to sustain the Presidency, the Priesthood & to be governed by it & not by tongues or the visions of some woman, but learn the operation of the spirits as there are many gone out into the world. Dont spend the time in whiping the sects but Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. (2)

-- Dec 30, 1845. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] The morning was pleasant, and at an early hour a very large number were at the Temple waiting for the washing and anointing, they having been notified the day before to attend at an early hour . . .

The labors of the day having been brought to a close at so early an hour viz; half past 8, it was thought proper to have a little season of recreation, accordingly, Brother Hans Hanson was invited to produce his violin. He did so, and played several lively airs, among the rest some very good lively dancing tunes. This was too much for the gravity of Brother Joseph Young, who indulged in a hornpipe, and was soon joined by several others, and before the dance was over several French fours were indulged in. The first was opened by President B. Young with Sister Whitney and Elder H. C. Kimball with Sister Lewis. The spirit of dancing increased until the whole floor was covered with dancers. After this had continued about an hour, several excellent songs were sung, in which several of the brethren and sisters joined. The Upper California was sung by Erastus Snow. After which Sister Whitney being invited by President Young, stood up and invoking the gift of tongues, sung one of the most beautiful songs in tongues, that ever was heard. The interpretation was given by her husband, Bishop Whitney, it related to our efforts to build this House, and to the privilege we now have of meeting together in it, of our departure shortly to the country of the Lamanites, and their rejoicing when they hear the gospel, and of the ingathering of Israel. Altogether, it was one of the most touching and beautiful exhibitions of the power of the Spirit in the gift of tongues which was ever seen. (So it appeared to the writer of this.) After a little conversation of a general nature, the exercises of the evening were closed by prayer by President B. Young, and soon after most of the persons present left the Temple for their homes . . . (3)

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