Speaking in Tongues, Thursday, Jan 10, 1901

-- Thursday, Jan 10, 1901
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] Salt Lake City. Clear and cold, freezing weather. 10 a.m. Continuation of quarterly conference of the Twelve. Present: full quorum.

... Apostle Reed Smoot dwelt briefly upon the law of tithing. Said the spirit of indifference prevailed more or less among the saints in the various stakes. Referred to some of the fast meetings in Provo last Sunday and said the spirit and power of testimony rested upon the people and the gifts of the gospel were manifested. One brother spoke in tongues to the effect that the impressions given to Pres. Snow of late regarding the redemption of the center stake of Zion and the building of the great temple were from the Lord and such event would transpire much sooner than many supposed.... (1)

-- Monday, Feb 11, 1901
[Apostle Rudger Clawson Diary] ... 7 p.m. I arrived at Idaho Falls and put up at Bp. [James] Thomas'. Before going to meeting Bp. Thomas informed [me] that a peculiar and somewhat serious condition prevailed in the ward and he wanted counsel regarding it. He said that one of the sisters had been speaking in tongues at their fast meetings and he feared that it was not done by the Spirit of the Lord. A very unpleasant and unsatisfactory feeling prevailed in the meeting whenever she spoke or sang in tongues. And not only so but the interpretation was not given of the Spirit of God. As a further evidence that the tongue was not from the Lord, one of the sisters in the congregation immediately upon hearing the tongue was visibly affected and went into spasms.

Upon one occasion the bishopric administered to her and rebuked the spirit that was afflicting her, but the administration was without effect. The afflicted sister, contrary to the order of the church, called upon one of her sisters to rebuke the spirit, which was done and it left her. The bishop took occasion to point out to the saints the evil resulting from the exercise of this strange tongue and warned them against it. This greatly angered a young man, who was related to the sister who had spoken in tongues, and who had just returned from a mission to the world, and he arose in the meeting and cursed the bishop in the name of the Lord.

I was very much shocked at the bishop's statement and said that it now became his solemn duty to forbid the sister alluded to from further exercising the strange tongue; and that the young man who had so grievously offended, should be called to answer before the bishop's court, and that if he did not make ample and humble reparation for his fault, he should be disfellowshipped, and the case sent to the high council for further action.

8 p.m. Meeting at the ward house, Bp. J. Thomas presiding. I was speaker of the evening. Topics treated. The excellent conference held at Lewisville. The authority pertaining to the bishopric and his right to the spirit of discernment. (1)

-- 8 June 1901
Susa Young Gates wrote to Elmina S. Taylor describing a meeting in which she interpreted tongues. [Susa Young Gates, Letter to Elmina S. Taylor, 8 June 1901] (2)

-- Jul 7, 1901
Lorenzo Snow presides at Salt Lake Temple's monthly fast meeting, "and Sister Lillie T. Freeze sang in tongues." (3)

-- November 19, 1904
[James Henry Martineau] Blessed Bishop John Neff and his daughters Frances and Eugenia, the latter about to go on a mission. Sister Mary A. Hyde White also blessed the two girls in tongues. We had a delightful time. (4)

-- December 1904
James X. Allen reported in 1904 that "he had never in his life heard anyone speak in tongues," although he had been reared in Utah. [James X. Allen, "Passing of the Gift of Tongues," Improvement Era 8 (December 1904): 109] (2)

-- January 4, 1905
[James Henry Martineau] With Sister Mary Hyde White visited her Sister Zina Virginia Hyde Bull, widowed recently, who has cataract growing over her eyes and is losing her sight. She wished me to rebuke blindness and to bless her, which I did. Her sister Mary also blessed her in tongues, with the interpretation. I know Zina may be healed, through faith. She felt very happy. I enjoyed my visit very much, as I always do in visiting and blessing the sick. (4)

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