Speaking in Tongues, April 13, 1906

-- April 13, 1906
[James Henry Martineau] Lyman Sherman joined the church in 1831, Was the first who ever spoke in tongues in this dispensation. Prest Kimball told me that L. R. S. was the sweetest singer in tongues in the church, and was JosephÂ's Â"right hand man.Â" in Missouri. (1)

-- Aug 1, 1906
"Fast meeting in 1st Ward. . . .Sister Jarrett speaks in tongues and prophesies." DER STERN reports Joseph F. Smith's statement to conference at Bern, Switzerland: "The time will come when this land [Europe] will be dotted with temples . . ." (2)

-- Aug 30, 1906
At testimony meeting of general board of Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Association invited guests Lillie T. Freeze and Maria Young Dougall speak in tongues and interpret. Sisters Freeze and Dougall are general board members in other auxiliaries and speak in tongues and interpret at such meetings until they die in 1937. By then glossolalia no longer occurs in LDS meetings, since all Mormons with this gift have died without successors. After 1930s LDS leaders redefine "gift of tongues" to be ability to learn unfamiliar language (such as Japanese), rather than spontaneous speaking of "unknown tongues" which correspond to no recognized language. (2)

-- October 16, 1908
[James Henry Martineau] Attended a reunion of Temple workers, at which the wid. of W. W. Phelps was present and spoke in tongues. (1)

-- Apr 09, 1909
[U.S. Religious History] The first recorded instances in America of groups speaking in tongues occurred in Los Angeles under the leadership of black evangelist William J. Seymour. This event marked the beginning of the three-year-long "Azusa Street Revival," key in the development of Pentecostalism. (3)

-- September 29, 1909
[James Henry Martineau] Attended a reunion in 19th ward in honor of the widow of W. W. Phelps, a veteran of Missouri persecution times. She spoke in tongues, interpreted by a daughter of Orson Hyde, Sis M. White. (1)

-- Oct 5, 1913
Heber J. Grant preaches: "I seldom hear a hymn written by Sister Eliza R. Snow sung in any of our meetings, or sing one myself, that I do not thank God for the gift of tongues to that noble woman. She gave to me a blessing when I was a child, predicting incidents in my life, promising me that I should grow to manhood and become one of the leaders in the Church of Christ, Sister Zina D. Young giving the interpretation." (2)

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